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History of Imperial Russia


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When do the Monguls invade?
Who introduced Christianity to the Muscuvite State and what year?
Olka and she ruled from 944 -962 and embraced the religion in 955 her grandson Volodymeyer adopted it as the country's religion in 988.
Ivan I
Helped build up the Muscovite state gain political bower by manipulationg the Kahns.
What is Imperialism?
The extension of control or dominion of people or places by one state or peoples other than one's own.
Ivan III "Ivan the Great"
Known for increasing the real estate of the country during his reign.
What drove Imperialism?
1. Economics
2. Darwinian Ideals
3. Security
4. Missoinary Emitus (spread Christianity)
"Primary Chronicle"
It describes events in the 1st century and the origin in the 1st state.
Who was the 1st ruler of Muscovy?
Rorick and he was
Norman Theory Controversy?
1759 two German historians decided that the Slaves had the 1st nation but they invited Scandinavians to rule over them.
When was the fall of Constantinople Approximately?
Ivan IV "Ivan the Terrible"
Increased Russia's Real Estate by conquering Kazan and Astrakhan and he opened the Volga river. The Russian people actually refered to him as Groznyi (Awe Inspiring). But he became crazy after the death of his first wife.
What is the Eprichnenah/
The secredt police formed by Ivan IV because he was so parinoid. They wore all black and caried the crest of a dogs head and broom (sniff out traitors and clean it away). It is the forefather of the KGB.
Peter the Great
(1672-1725) Turned medival Muscovy in to a more western state.
What is the 19th Century debate?
A debate between the Slavophiles and Westernizers over wether Peter's westernization of Russia was good.
When was the Church Schizm?
1666 a debate about the holy trinity. Thought to have helped Peter reform Russia.
What is Primal janiture?
The custom of having the first born male succeed.
What is the Stralsky?
Russia's army they guarded the Kremlin
What is a Diearchy?
When there are two rulers Ivan II was the 1st Tsar and Peter wast the 2nd.
What are the Prebrozhenskii and the Semenovskii?
Peter made them the backbone of Russia's military because the Stralsky were to problematic.
The Great Northern War
(Feb 1699 - )War began because the king of Denmark and Sweeden were fighting over Sweedish territory.
Frederick IV
King of Denmark started the war
Augustus II
King of Poland and Saxony sided with Frederick and the Danes.
Battle of Narva
The Russians got their asses kicked by the Swedes and ended up fleeing the battle ground.
Charles the XII
King of Sweeden he hated Augustus II and wanted to increase the Sweedish empire.
Battle of Poltava?
July 1709 Charles XII and Peter go head to head and Russia won after a day of fighting. Charles flees to Turkey.
Reforms of Peter
1. Improves the military and the economy (due to N.W.)

2. Westernizes Russia

3. Established a Russian Navy

4. Introduced General Inscription (every nobleman was forced to serve in the military for life.)

5. Created the Governing Senate in 1710 (could deal with problems in absence of the Tsar)

6. Reformed taxes (based on amount of members in a family and not real estate) "Soul Tax"

7. Table of Ranks (1732)

8. Tried to reform the church

9. Education (tried to form an academy and elemetary schools)

10. Adopted the Julian Calendar so the new year begins in January. Russia celebrates Christmas on Jan 7th. Gregorian Calendar not adopted iuntil 1918.
What is the Ober Prokurator?
The link between the Tsar and the Govorning Senate.
Peter's law of succession?
Allow ruler to choose and if need be remove successor.
Peter's 3 Great Achievements
1. Poltava and Russian Westernization

2. St. Petersburg

3. Creation of the Navy
St. Petersbur's three different names?
1. Petregrad
2. Leningrad
3. St. Petersburg
What is the post Petrine Period?
(1725-1762) The time between the end of Peter the Great's rule and the begining of Catherine the Greats rule.
What is the Supreme Privy Council?
Established in Feb. 1726 so that Catherine 1st's favorite Minchkicof could secure power. It diminished the power of the Governing senate.
Catherine I
First ruler following Peter the Great. She formally initiated the Academy of Sciences.

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