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Science Earth Moon and Sun


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What phases of the moon take place during the day?
New moon, and crescent (waning crescent and waxing)
What is the most accepted moon formation theory?
Big Impact Theory
Describe the shape of the earth
Spherical not perfect, wider at the equator
How long does it take the earth to spin on its axis?
23 hours and 56 minutes
How much of the moon is always illuminated by the sun?
1/2 of it
How long does it take the earth to go all the way around the sun?
365.25 days
One moon phase cycle is how many days?
29.5 days
How long does it take the moon to orbit around the Earth
27.3 days
What are 2 causes of the seasons?
Tilt of the Earth on its axis (23.5Ëš)
Earth orbiting around the sun
Sun, Moon, Earth,
is what type of eclipse?
Solar Eclipse
What is a blue moon?
The 2nd full moon in the same month
Our moon has an iron core, like the earth? True or false?
Who first predicted the Earth’s shape and what evidence did he use to draw this conclusion?
Aristotle predicted the spherical shape of the earth from the earth's curved shadow on the moon during an eclipse
What causes day and night on earth?
The rotation of the earth on its axis
What is a solstice?
when the earth is most tilted toward or away from the sun
What is an equinox?
the sun is directly over the earths equator; not tilted towards or away from sun
2 characteristics of an equnox?
Day and night equal
Beginning of either spring or autumn
2 characteristics of solstices?
Northern hemi. Is towards sun
Longest or shortest daylight of year
When are the 2 equinoxes?
Vernal- March 20-22
Autumnal- Spet. 20-22
When are the 2 solstices?
Summer- June 20-22
Winter- Dec 20-22
Why does the same side of the moon always face the earth? And why do scientists believe this?
the moon rotates around the Earth at the same rate as it spins on it’s axis.

Scientists believe this happens because one side of the moon is heavier than the other and gravity pulls harder on the heavier side.
What two factors cause the phases of the moon?
The light from the sun that reflects off the moon, and the position of the earth, moon, and sun.
What are the 4 main phases of the moon?
The four main phases of the moon are the New Moon, the first quarter, the full moon, and the last quarter.
When do Gibbous and Crescent phases take place?
Gibbous moons take place during the night, and Crescent Phases take place during the day.
List the order in which the phases of the moon occur
new moon, waxing crescent, 1st quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, waning crescent, new
What is the ratio of the size of the earth and moon compared to the other planets and their moons?
Second largest moon by ratio to planet
Is the moon older or younger than the earth?
slightly younger
What is the order of sun moon and earth for a full moon?
sun, earth, moon
What is the order of the sun earth and moon for a new moon?
Sun, moon, earth
At what time of the day or night would you see the full moon? New moon? First Quarter? Last Quarter?
You would see a full moon at 12 am, you would a first quarter around 6 PM, a last quarter at 6AM, and new moon at around 12PM
How are the Earth, moon and sun aligned during a solar eclipse? During what moon phase does a solar eclipse happen?
The alignment is the sun, moon earth.
How are the Earth, moon and sun aligned during a lunar eclipse? During what moon phase does a lunar eclipse happen?
During a Lunar Eclipse, they are aligned sun, earth, moon. This can only take place during a full moon.
What causes the tides?
Tides are caused by the gravitational pull from the moon (70%) and the sun (30%).
How many high tides and how many low tides are there every day?
Everyday, there are two low tides, and two high tides.
When is the only time a solar eclipse can take place? and What is most likely?
Can only take place during a new moon, most likely a pratial eclipse takes place
What is a neap tide?
Neap tide- Pulling against each other. Competing against each other
High tides are when the moon is at
same side or opposite earth
Low Tides are where the earth is . .
90Ëš from the moon

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