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Geographies of Global Change


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Which global thinker divided the world up into several "culture areas", including Western, Latin America, Africa, Islamic, Sinic, Hindu, Orthodox, Buddhist, and Japanese?
What is "Balkanization"?
to break up (as a region or group) into smaller and often hostile units
What two similar ethnic groups were portrayed in "Hotel Rwanda"?
Tutsis and Hutu
Where is Darfur?
South of Egypt, west of the Red Sea in the far western Sudan
Where is Sudan?
Sudan is just south of Egypt and is the largest country in Africa.
Name four countries that have set up colonies in Africa in the past
Four of the G7: Italy, Germany, France, UK
A nation is...?
A nation— or an ethnos ("ethnic group")— is a community of people who live together in an area (or, more broadly, of their descendants who may now be dispersed); and who regard themselves, or are regarded by others, as sharing some common identity, to which certain norms and behavior are usually attributed.

A state is...?
A state is a geographic political entity possessing political sovereignty, i.e. not being subject to any higher political authority.

ethnographic boundaries ...?
match nations to state boundaries
What is regionalism?
Government at a regional level
What is feudalism?
Think middle-ages. A lord granted land in return for loyalty. This led to the formation of the state.

See here:
What are characteristics of absolutist governments and constitutional monarchies?
1) Absorption of smaller, weaker units
2) Strengthened ability to rule
3) Tightened system of law and order
4) Single sovereign head
What is the westphalian model?
I don't know either. Read this:
Illiberal democracy is...?
Think Iran. An illiberal democracy is a country in which the leaders and lawmakers are elected by the people, but individual freedoms such as those protected in the United States Bill of Rights or the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen do not exist.

What are centripital forces?
Push together; think regional units and international agreements
What are centrifugal forces?
Pulling apart. Think multi-national state, mcdonalds, regional disparities
How many ongoing conflicts are there in the world today?
Around 50
Origin of the term caucasian?
Caucasian is originally a geographical term, meaning relative or pertaining to the Caucasus region of eastern Europe.

See here:
According to our prof., Putin's agenda is to do what with Russia?
56% of Russians get their food from what source?
Their own garden.
Separatism is a growing concern in Russia. What is it?
Political separatism is a movement to obtain sovereignty and split a territory or group of people (usually a people with a distinctive national consciousness) from one another (or one nation from another; a colony from the metropolis). The term is often not accepted by actual separatist groups themselves as they consider it pejorative, and prefer more neutral terms such as self-determination

See here:
Name as many stans as possible (shoot for 7)
1) Kazakstan
2) Uzbekistan
3) Turkmenistan
4) Kyrgyztan
5) Tajikistan
6) Pakistan
7) Afghanistan
Viktor Yushchenko was recently poisoned. He was president of which country?
Turkey and what other country are bidding for EU membership?
Which Islamist movement does Osama Bin Laden claim allegance to?
See here:
Oil and gas are what percent of Russia's export value?
EEC a.k.a
European Economic Community

See here:
What was the importance of the Maastricht Treaty/Agreement?
Led to the creation of the Euro

Two countries that had applications to join the european union REJECTED
Norway and Switzerland in '95
Are the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithiuana members of the EU?
What is one thing Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey have in common?
All current applicants to join the EU
How many states/countries are in the EU?
How many states/countries are members of NATO?

(trivia: 206 bones in the human body)
Irridentism is...
Irredentism is claiming a right to territories belonging to another state on the grounds of common ethnicity and/or prior historical possession, actual or alleged.

See :

(pretty comprehensive list)
Statelessness is...
The state of not being a state. I mean c'mon!

Think Kurds, Kashmir, Palestine
Devolution is...
Devolution or Home rule is the pooling of powers from central government to government at regional or local level.

Viktor Yuschenko, the Ukranian president (ugly dude who was poisoned) has a western mindset.
Just thought i'd mention that.
What branch of Islam is practiced in Chechnya?

See here:

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