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Child Development CH 4


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Basic Sensory and Perceptual Processes
Smell, Taste, and Touch
Integrating Sensory Information
paying less attention as something becomes familiar
Most babies have a and respond to bitter and sour substances
sweet tooth
___ &___ help them recognize their mothers, making it easier for them to eat.
Smell & Touch
A fetus can hear at _ or _ months
7 or 8
the quietest sound that a person can hear
Auditory Threshold
By ___ months, infants can recognize their own name and can differentiate vowels from consonant sounds.
4 ½
Infants’ hearing is best for sounds that have pitches in the range of _____.
human speech
Infants use ___ to locate objects.
___ is the leading cause of hearing impairment in newborns.
After birth the leading cause of hearing impairment is ___.
inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord.
Signs if hearing impairment that a parent should watch for.
No response to loud or sudden noises
Repeated ear infections
Does not turn head in the direction of sounds (by 4-5 mos.)
Does not respond to own name (by 8-9 mos.)
Does not begin to imitate speech sounds and simple words (by 12 mos.)
Young babies can recongnize familiar ___.
Infants’ nervous systems are capable of ___.
transmitting pain

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