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LHHS OCAD Music Mozart 3


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What is the rate of sound wave vibrations? And the unit is?
Frequency, Hertz(Hz)
What does the volume controller in a stereo control?
It controls the intensity or amplitude of the sound waves
Name dynamics of a piece of music from the quietest one to the loudest one.
Pianissimo, Piano, Mezzo Piano, Mezzo Forte, Forte, Fortissimo.
Name three stages of each sound envelope includes.
A initial attack, a sustain, and a decay.
What is the response of the material being forced into motion at one of its naturally occurring frequencies?
A listener will perceive the increase and decrease in the amplitude as a pulse, or _______, in one of the tones.
What occurs when the overlapping waves are in-phase?
Constructive interference.
What happens when destructive interference occurs?
Two waves cancel each other out.
What refers to the quality of a sound that distinguishes it from other sounds of the same pitch and volume?
What is a lifespan of a sound?
A sound envelope.
What is the set of twelve evenly spaced pitches contained within the octave?
Chromatic scale.
What is the interval from one tone to another tone that is eight full tones above or below the original tone?
Mozart's String Quintet in G-minor, K.516 is a powerful example of ________________.
the Enpfindsamer Stil, 'sensitive style,' within a larger piece.
How does Mozart's String Quintet in G-minor, K.516 start?
It starts even and step-wise melody, with all instruments moving as one.
How can you explain the patterns which come to dominate the declamatory style part of the Quintet?
Speech-like Patterns.

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