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comparative politics


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Null Hypothess
It asserts arbitrarily that there is no relationship among the variables being studied. Then statistical tests are used to determine if any relationship shown by the research data is due to chance alone or to alternative hypotheses.
Used to describe the observed relationship between instances of two events. A systematic pattern can be seen in the occurrences of events that are correlated. When the events involve numbers, a positive correlation means that as one increases, the other increases as well. A negative correlation means that as one increases, the other decreases. Correlation does NOT imply causation in any way
statistical significance
the probability that an observed outcome of an experiment or trial is due to chance alone.
cross tabulation
Shows the relationship between two categorical variables
conceptual stretching
to make vague, amorphous conceptualizations
unitary system
the central government posesses all the powers of government and delegates to local governments only as much authority as it deems necisary and proper
Federal System
system of government with a strong central government having express powers, with some powers reserved for the states
Atheoretical case study
not comparative in design
thick description in that it is interprative
Hypothesis generating
comparative in the end
theory expresses a relationship
Theory of Confirming
Stengthen argument for that theory- prove by case for further testing
Theory infirming
going out to prove a theory then disaprovong it in case for further testing.
Deviant case
outliers- comparative
relationship that is generally seen doesn't apply

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