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chemistry chapter 3


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Name the 4 blocks
P,D, S, F blocks
Name 4 hallogions
iodine, bromine, flourine, clourine, astitine
Which family has +1 charges as a ion
alcoline metals
# of families that have non-metals, metals, and metaloids
another name for the F clock
intertransitional metals
charges of a protons
plus one
mass nuetron
1 atomic mass unit
location of protons
actual mass of electron
locations of electrons
in orbitals around a nucleus
discovered electrons
JJ Thompson
Come up with the word atoms
Find Charge
Find Mass Number
P+N=Mass #
alpha partcles are what
ions differ in
number of electrons
isotopes are ...
atoms of the same atoms different mass
Charges of cat ions
positive charge
charges of an ions
positive charge
ionic compounds are electrically
Democritis said
everything is made up of atoms
John Daltons atomic theory
1:elements are made up of atoms
2:all atoms of elements are idenical
3:atoms of an element are different from any other element
4:atoms of one elemtent can combine with atoms of another element to for compounds
5: atoms are inbivisble in chem process
john dalton also said
a given compound always has the same relative number of atoms and atoms r not created of destroyed
compounds are
when atoms are chemically combined
JJ thomas did the what expirement
cathode ray tube

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