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Health chapter 2 - cardiology


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What medical specialist treats diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular system?
What carries blood away from the heart?
What carries blood to the heart?
The thick vertical wall that seperates the right and left chambers is called the _____?
Which side of the heart pumps blood to the whole body (through the aorta)?
The left side
Which side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs (through the pulminary veins)?
The right side
What is the body's largest artery?
What are the body's largest veins?
Venae Cavae
"The movement of blood through all parts of the body except the lungs is called _____ _____.
Systemic Circulation
The top number listed when recording blood pressure is the _____ _____.
Systolic Pressure
The bottom nuimber listed when recording blood pressure is called the _____ _____.
Diastolic Pressure
Where are the radial arteries found?
The wrist
Where are the carotid arteries found?
The neck
What arteries travel to the lungs?
The pulminary arteries
What artery carries blood from the heart to the whole body?
The aorta

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