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Human Behavior Essay II


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low birth weight
premature birth
child vulnerable to disease in womb
Drugs and medication
antibiotics can be harmful to fetus, aspirin can cause bleeding in the mother and infant
Drugs can cause low birth weight premature birth, and children can be born with addictions
Fetal alcohol syndrome, unusual facial features, heart defects
long term affects are short attention spans, learning disabilities, motor impairments
low birth weight, shortened pregnancy, behavioral and emotional problems after birth
16-35 most uterine friendly
downs syndrome, heart defect, retarded growth, nuerological problems
Low Income and Socioeconomic class
prevents mothers from getting the care that they need, can cause illnesses during pregnancy, can affect vaccinations afterwards, HIV
the mutual relationship between an individual and their environment
Social Environment
looks at everything that a person needs to survive like their quality of water, the transportation system, housing in the area, etc
Looks at the interactions with the person with other people in their environment, such as the city bus coming on time to take them to work
looks at the power of involvement, and the input and output of energy, maybe the person is giving too mcuh
looks at the point in which that transaction occurs
do the people acknowledge change and make an effort to adapt?

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