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Human Behavior II


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What is the ecological perspective?
Ecologoical Perspective is a systems thoery that is used to decribe and analyze people and other living systems in their environment.
What are transactions?
Transactions are the interactions and commnications that people have with others in their environment.
What is coping?
Coping refers to a persons response to difficult situations.
What is an enabler?
An enabler is a person who helps clients cope with crisis, educates them, and empowers them.
What is a facilitator?
A facilitator is a person who leads a group experiance.
What is a educator?
An educator is a person who gives information and teaches skills to clients.
What is an advocate?
An advocate is a person who listens to what peoples needs are and the responds by representing, defending, and supporting social justice.
What is conception?
Conception is when the sperm meets the egg, and pregnancy results.
What is a fetus?
A fetus refers to a child from 8 weeks until birth.
What is infertility?
Infertility is the inability or diminished ability to produce children.
What is gestation?
Gestation refers to the time passing from pregnancy to birth.
What is toxemia?
Toxemia is also known as pregnancy induced hypertension, and is condition where the mother has high blodd pressure and other problems in the latter half of pregnancy.
What is a neonate?
Neonate is another word that newborns are referred to.
What is Moro's Reflex?
Moro's reflex is another term for the startle reflex, in which a newborn will more their arms and legs, extend their fingers, etc., where they hear a sudden loud noise.
What is Roe vs Wade?
Roe vs Wade overrulled state laws that prohibited abortion or restricted rights to abortion in the first three months of pregnancy.
What are developmental milestones?
Dev. milestones act as a list that can be used to screen children to determine if further evaluation is needed.
What is oppression?
Oppresion is the act of placing restrictions on a certain group of people in society.
What is a population at risk?
Populations at risk can include anyone that is at risk of dicromination because of race, color, religion, values, gender, disablility, etc.
What is culture?
Culture is the configuration of shared attitudes tha characterize a broader society in which people live.
What is a generalist?
A generalist is a person who uses a wide range of knowledge and skills to help people with a variety of problems.

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