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Human Behavior


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What is a system?
A system is composed of interacting units and each of those units is part of a larger whole.
What is a Holon?
Holon is the interaction between the internal and external part of an individual.
What is Micro?
Micro is the individual level of a system.
What is Macro?
Macro is the social and institutional level of a system.
What is Meso?
Meso is the group, family, and community level of a system.
Talcott Parsons believed what?
Parsons believed that an individual's behaviors are influenced by the larger society.
What is a boundary?
A boundary is when one system interacts with another system or a part of a system and its environment.
What is entropy?
Carter and Webb believe that entropy is the tendancy of a system to move towards and unorganized state with a decrease in energy and interactions.
What is synergy?
Synergy is the oppostie of entropy and is when a spark of occurs in a system to create more energy.
What is accomodation?
Accomodation is when a system makes the changes to adapt.
What is a assimilation?
Assimilation is when the system changes just enough to maintain itself.
What is a assesment?
When you assess something you look at the problem and situation, and you define and analyze it.
What is adaptation?
Adaptation is the capacity of a system to adapt to surrounding environmental changes.
What does reciprical mean?
Reciprical is the act of giving and taking, back and forth, in a social environment.
Define social environment.
Social environment is anything that affects how people interact with others, and affects peoples goal, values, and beliefs.
Request and obtain info
Planning for future
Controlling emotions
Controlling gratification
Identifying problems and solutions
Drugs and Medication
Low Income, socioeconomic class
Social Environment

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