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Chp 12 & 13- Middle Ages


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What is the dates of the Middle Ages?
500-1300 AD
What are the 2 divisions of the Middle Ages and their dates?
The Dark Ages 500-1100
High Middle Ages or The Age of Faith 1100-1300
What are 3 ties of Culture?
1.Culture of classical Rome
2.Culture of Barbarian tribes
3.Catholic beliefs
What is Wergeld?
money in exchange for a person's death to end a vendetta
What are the 4 ways justice was handled?
1.Trial by battle
2.Trial by oath or compurgation
3.Trial by ordeal
What was the first barbarian tribe that ruled during the Middle Ages?
The Franks
Who was the 1st leader of the Franks?
Clovis I
What was the family name of Clovis?
What is the mayor of the palace called?
Major Domo
Who wins the Battle of Tours in 732 AD?
Charles Martel
Who was crowned kind "by the grace of God"
Pepin III
What was the Donation of Pepin?
Land, and key to the Vatican city
Who is the greatest king and what is the family name?
What does Charlemagne ask of the pope and what does he not do?
Asks to crown him king and doesn't pay attention to the land
What are counts?
People who watch counties
Missi Dominici
copy rooms to copy scripture
Carolingian miniscule
ornate writing
What are some characteristics of Charlemage's reign?
*True supporter of Church: Be Christian OR go to hell
*Encourages education
*Copy works of biblical scripture
What marks the decline of Europe?
Charlemagne's death
Who were the most feared invaders?
These invaders have a country named after them. (Hungary)
Huns or Magyars
What are the accomplishments of the Vikings?
Shipbuilders abd Warriors
Who are the two Vikings that travel the Atlantic?
1.Erik the Red or Erik Erikson
2.Leaf Erikson
Who are the Barbarian tribes that invade the empire?
Magyars or Huns;Vikings;Muslims;Slavs;Berserks
What did the Beserks do before battle?
Snarled and growled to intimidate the opposing side
From top to bottom what are the church positions?
Arch bishop
Parish priest
Job of Parish priest
Read sacraments, gave forgiveness, confessed to, mostly illiterate
Job of Bishop
In charge of district
What is the district called that bishops were in charge of?
How were bishops chosen?
By wealth
Job of Arch Bishop
*Own diocese
*In charge of policies Ie)X-rated movies, bad books ect.
Pope advisors
Who was involved in both political and spiritual matters?
Gregory I
This person declared Papal Supremacy
Innocent III
What are 2 examples of Innocent III's power?
1.Forced the King of France to take his wife back
2.Forced Kind of England to take his choice of archbishop
When the king names the bishop and not the Pope
What does Gregory the VII do to the Catholic church?
Closes all Catholic churches in Henry's country
Withdrawal from the real world into a secluded life of devotion to God
Who write a code of rules for monks?
What are the 3 vows of monks?
What are the other two rules of monks?
Give away all posessions& can not leave monastery
What are the two obligations of monks?
Pray 7-8 hours a day & 7-8 hours of manual labor
Replaced anarchy---economic and social system of gs and obligations
Land was called----
If you owned land you were called a---
If you inherited land you were a---
What are the three feudal relationships?
2.Could be a vassal&lord
What was their armor called?
Chain mail
What was invented to help the knight onto the horse and why?
The stirrup because their armor was so heavy it was hard to lift themselves
What happened to horses?
Larger horses were bread
Peace of God
law that says knights could not fight in certain places
Truce of God
forbids certain days of fighting
What are some chivalry codes?
*Fight fair
*Treat enemy honorably
Who were the 3 masters?
1.Heavenly lord
2.Feudal lord
What is the political role of the church?
Pope is head&feudal lord
Church's policies followed due to absolute power
Pope's law
What is the economic role of the Church?
*No excess profit
*Do not price gouge
*Do not charge interest
Charging interest
Who lent money to the Christians because lending money was wrong?
The Jews
What is the social role of the Chruch?
*No divorce
*25% of donations to poor
*Set up orphanages, hospitals, and poor house
What are 3 problems of the church?
Worldy lives of clergy
buying and selling of high church offices
Denial of church policy
October 14, 1066
Battle of Hastings
what happened in 1066
Battle of Hastings-last invasion of Britian
Henry II
1.Strengthens royal courts
2.Jury system and common law (case based on previous decisions)
Magna Carta
Limits the power of the king
Who signed the Magna Carta?
King John
"Who will rid me of this priest?"
Henry VS Beckitt
Royal court VS church court
Beckitt assassination due to quote
French dynasty and founder
Capetian--Hugh Capet
Phillip II
Gained more territory
Phillip IV
Starts French Parliament--General Estates
1st leader of HRE
Otto I
Two divisions of Parliament
1.House of Lords
2.House of Commons
Pope's foregin advisors

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