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8th Grade Math


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Acute Angle

pg 70
An Angle that has a degree measure between 0 and 90.
Acute Triangle

pg 70
A triangle with three acute angles.
Addition Property of Equality

pg 44
Adding the same member to each side of an equation results in a equivalent equation.
Adjacent Angles

pg 64
Angles that have a common side, the same vertex,
and do not overlap.
alternate exterior angles

pg 66
When a transversal intersects two lines and on opposite sides of the transversal.
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
Alternate interior Angles

pg 66
When a transversal intersects two parallel lines, the angles between the two lines and on opposite sides of the transversal.
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
Altitude of a Triangle

pg 89
A line segment from a vertex and perpendicular to the opposite side.

pg 70
Two rays with a common endpoint.

Arithmetic Sequence

pg 3
A list of numbers where consecutive numbers have the same difference.
Associative Properties

pg 10
The way in which addends or factors are grouped does not changed the answer.

pg 150
Adding the numbers together, and dividing the sum by the addends.
base (of an exponent)

pg 4
The number that is used as a factor in a power.

In the base is 4.

pg 78
To separate a figure into two congruent parts.
box and whisker plot

pg 156
A way to organize numerical data to show the median, quartile, and interquartile range.

pg 89
A plane figure formed by all points that are the same distance from a given point in the plane called the center.

pg 89
The intersection of the three perpendicular bisectors of the sides of a triangle. It is used to draw a circumscribed circle around a triangle.
Common Factor

pg 94
A whole number that is a factor of two or more given whole numbers. 3 is a common factor of 6 and 9.
Common Multiple

pg 96
A whole number that is multiple of two or more givine whole numbers. 36 is a common multiple of 6 and 9.
Commutative Properties

pg 10
The order in which numbers are added or multiplied does not change the answer.
8 + 5 = 5 + 8

2 x 30 = 30 x 2
Complementary angles

pg 64
Two angles are complementary of the sum of their degree measures is 90.
Congruent Figures

pg 68
Figures that have the same size and shape.

pg 78
Drawings made with a straighedge and a compass.

pg 160
Relationship between two variables.
Corresponding angles

pg 66
When a transversal intersects two parallel lines, the angles in similar positions.

1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
Cube Root

pg 6
One of three equal factors of a number. 2 is the cube root of 8
since 2 x 2 x 2 = 8

pg 148
Numerical information
Decimal (Decimal fraction)

pg 104
A way of expressing factions that have denominators of 10,100, 1000 and so on.

pg 64
A common unit of measure for angles.

pg 70
A line segment from one vertex of a polygon to any nonadjacent vertex.

pg 89
A chord of a cicle that contains the center of the circle.
Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition
pg 10
The product of a number and a sum is equal to the sum of the products.

pg 92
A number is divisible by another if, upon division, the remainder is zero.
15 is divisible by 5
Division Property of Equality

pg 46
Dividing each side of an equation by the same non zero number results in an equivalent equation.

n= 13

pg 38
A mathematical sentence with an equals sign.
Equilateral Triangle

pg 62,70
A triangle that has three congruent sides.
Equivalent Equations

pg 44
Equations that have the same solution.

x+3=7 and x=4 .
Equivalent Fractions

pg 94
Fractions that name the same number.
Expanded Form

pg 4
A form of a number that shows the place value of each digit.
916 = 900 + 10 + 6
916 = (9 x 100) + (1 x 10) + (6 X 1)

pg 4
A number used to tell how many times the base is used as a factor.


pg 156
Lowest and highest points of a set of numerical data

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