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Earth Science terms to know


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Who was the first astronomer to build a telescope for viewing the heavens?
What does the word "refract" mean?
to bend
What are three functions of a telescope?
light gathering, magnification, and resolution
What does a refractor telescope use to accomplish these three functions?
What is the color distortion caused by lenses called?
chromatic abberation
Name a common type of nonoptical telescope in use on the earth today.
radio telescope (x-ray telescope)
How can nonoptical telescope detect the kind of radiation that is filtered out by the atmosphere?
nonoptical telescopes can detect radiation that is filtered out by the atmosphere because they are placed above the atmosphere by ballons, rockets, or airplanes.
LIst two types of telescope mounts.
equatorial and altazimuth
How are images from optical telescopes recorded?
on photographic film
How are images from nonoptical telescopes usually recorded?
on magnetic tape or strip charts
What two methods do astronomers have for describing where in the sky an object may be found.
using constellations; using coordinates
An area in the sky with imaginary boundaries running north, south, east, and west is called by what name?
a constellation
Who introduced an orderly system for identifying particular stars within a constellation?
John Bayer
How many constellations are there?
How did Bayer generally designate the brightest star in a constellation?
by assigning the greek letter Alpha the the Latan name of the constellation.

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