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Objections 2


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"What are your rates?"
(Merchant’s name), are you interested in a rate reduction only or would you prefer to eliminate back end processing fees also? (Wait for response). We have a strict policy on meeting or beating anybody’s pricing. This possibly could mean to you substantial savings of a few hundred dollars every month. Would you be open to learn more on how to eliminate these hidden over charges? (Wait for response). Would you available this Monday or Tuesday to set an appointment to see you?
“What are your rates?” (2)
(Merchant’s name), a low rate is not going to guarantee you any savings, allow me to explain why. Most fake low rates are offset by high backend processing fees that are not explained on your statement. That’s why many merchants don’t question anything on the statement but the rates. 9 out of 10 times we find that merchants are paying hundreds of dollars every month in hidden charges. Could you meet with us this Monday or Tuesday? (Wait for response).
What is your rate? (3)
(Merchant’s name), is having a lower rate a big concern for you? (Wait for response). If you’re currently getting any rate below 2% I’d say, you have a good rate. But let me just say this, regardless of the rate you are currently paying, chances are we may be able to lower your backend processing costs by a few hundred dollars per month. And this is without even touching the rate. We point out all of the hidden charges on your statement to give you an accurate figure. We analyze hundreds of statements per day and have saved merchants substantial amounts. We have a lot clients do business with us just because our statement is easy to read so you can get a clear picture of what you are getting. Could you fax me your statement so I can make this happen for you or would you prefer we made an appointment with you to come by and see you?
“I already have a great rate and no body can beat my rate”
(Merchant’s name), did you know that most rates that appear low are in fact, offset by high backend processing expenses usually with no explanation on your statement? This means that the higher the backend processing fees the lower the rate. It’s a great smoke screen- and we have been able to clear it up for a lot of merchants by providing useful information and creating awareness that other options are available with lower credit card processing costs. I’d love to show you in writing how much money we can put back in your pocket, are you available this Monday or Tuesday?
“We are all set”
That’s great! My other clients thought the same thing until they found out they were actually “set” with higher processing costs, after I provided a free rate and fee comparison they are now happy that they talked with me. Can I ask you a couple of questions to see if you can use more information on how you can lower these costs that you have been “set” up with?
“We just switched”
Did you switch your processing service or did you switch terminals? (The answer to this will determine which direction the call will take, will you turn this call into an equipment sale, gift card sale, check verification services sales, etc.?).
"I’m locked into a 3 year contract"
You don’t sound too happy about that. (Wait for reaction). So even if the possibility existed that I could save a substantial amount every month, you are still bound to this lengthy contract are you not? (Wait for response). I hope they provide you free equipment replacement in case of malfunction, which can cause inaccurate readings leaving you open for non-qualified transactions and added fees. By the way what type of equipment do you have? (Wait for response so you can sell the equipment).
"I’m not interested"
I don’t blame you for reacting this way. I understand, a lot of my clients were not interested at first also, until they found that we actually save them hundreds of dollars every month by lowering their credit card processing cost. You see we are a wholesale processor this means you don’t get slammed with hidden fees. Many merchants are under the impression that a low rate means they are saving all they can but this is not true. Are you doing anything to lower these costs? (Wait for response). Can I ask you a couple of questions to see if you can use more information?
“We are happy with our current processor" (1)
Can I ask you a terrible question? When was the last time your current processor called and said: “Because you are such a great customer we are going to lower your credit card processing costs?” I’m assuming never, and chances are your current processor doesn’t want to either. We can help you find out if you are being slammed with hidden over charges. Let me just explain that we are a direct credit card processor that’s why we are able to provide you with wholesale pricing, due to the fact that we have a strict policy of meeting or beating anyone’s pricing. So chances are you will get substantial savings. . We analyze hundreds of statements per day and have saved merchants substantial amounts. Could you fax me your statement so I can make this happen for you or would you prefer we made an appointment with you to come by and see you?
“We are very happy with our current processor” (2).
I see, well (Merchant’s name) let’s talk about that. What type of services are you currently getting from your current processor?
“We are very happy with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.” (3).
(Merchant’s name), Did you know that banks do not do their own credit card processing? They outsource these services to a third party, and charge the usual 15 to 35% more in fees. (Merchant’s name), I’m not suggesting that you change banks, all I’m suggesting is that you consider other options that can possibly save you thousands of dollars every year.
“We don’t accept credit cards”
Have you tried getting a merchant account before? (Wait for response). If no- what’s stopping you? (Wait for response). If yes- what happened, are you still having trouble implementing it? (Wait for response).
"I’m not looking to change right now"
I don’t blame you one bit and I understand change can be scary sometimes. But if you were looking to change what’s the best way to submit a proposal that shows you in writing how much you are going to save every month? By the way, are you doing anything to lower these costs? (Wait for response).
"I’m busy right now"
Yes you do sound awfully busy and this is extremely important and that’s why we need to talk for a few minutes, when’s a good time to discuss lowering your credit card processing costs, would you prefer I call you again later today or tomorrow morning?
“I don’t feel comfortable showing anyone my statement”
(Merchant’s name), I agree you should never show anyone your statement without verifying credentials. We receive hundreds of statements daily and what I recommend for my future clients is to blackout the merchant account number. That way I only see the numbers so I can do the math for you. (Merchant’s name), I can assure you everything you share with us is in strict confidence, we’ve been in business for 15 years, we process transactions for thousands of merchants like yourself. I know your time is extremely valuable, so at your convenience of course, I can have my partner spend time with you and go over your statement. Would Monday or Tuesday work for you? (Wait for response).

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