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Chapter Nine: Development


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Which of the following is not an economic indicator of devlopment:
GDP per capita
Types of jobs
Literacy rate
Raw Materials
Literacy rate
How much of the world's population in MDCs consumes 5/6 of the world's goods?
What are the two ways to develop?
self-sufficiency and international trade
Which way to develop is most used now?
Which way to develop is the most efficient?
international trade
What are the restrictions in the self-sufficientcy development plan?
Cannot import food
Importers must have a licience
fix quotas to really restrict importing
What are the problems of the self-sufficient growth plan?
-companies are insuffiecient because of no competittion
-a lot of people are needed to run this government
-some selling of imported goods on the black market
Who made up the idea of the international trade growth plan?
When was the international trade idea thought of?
How many stages does the international trade plan have?
What are the first three stadges in the international trade plan?
All are LDCs
1.Traditional society
-primary jobs
2.preconditions to take off
-samll group of leaders influence the trade
-invest in technology and infrsatructure(roads & schools)
-people work harder to keep conditions good
3. take off
-raoid growth from limited # of activities
What are the last two stadges in the international trade plan?
Describe MDCs
4. drive to maturity
-workers become more skilled
-modern technology
5. age of mass consumption
-main production changes to consumer goods
What does the international trade growth plan do?
creates competition from other countries to improve the quiality of the products sold
How has the international trade model affected the MDCs of today?
Most of the MDCs of today developed this way
What is holding back the devlopment in the Persian Gulf?
Lack of women's rights: 50% of the population can not hold important jobs.
What are some problems with the international trade alternative?
-uneven reasource distribution
-marketing stagnation
>world market growing slower than in the past
-Dependance on MDCs
>lesson food(other necesities too) production, then have ot import it
True/ False: LDCs borrow money from MDCs or a worldbank, but if they don't pay it off then they will not be loaned money from that same place anymore
Who started the transinternational programs?
the US
Why did the US start the transinternational programs?
Cheap labor
Where are the two largest areas of international investment?
China and Brazil
Who are the four asian dragons?
Taiwan, Singapore, Hong-Kong, and South Korea
Who are the small port-sized cities?
Hong-Kong and Singapore
What do the four asian dragons not have?
natural reasources
What enables the four asian dragons to sell their products for lower costs?
cheap labor

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