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CA Penal Codes Misc


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Assault: Unlawful attempt , coupled with a present ability , to commit a violent injury on the person of another
241 (b)
Assault: Peace Officer, Firefighter,Paramedic, Emt Lifeguard, Process Server traffic officer, code enforcement, or animal control performing his duties or a physician or nurse rendering emergency medical carer outside a health care facility and the accused knows or should know the victim preforminghis duties
Assault: Jail or prison guard not a peace officer, performing duties and perpetrator knows or should know such
Assualt: On School or park property against any person, inclu all schools elementary etc and public park not used for commercial or pro sports
Assault while on Publice transportaion for hire bus taxi train etc, or on public transportaion proerty station parking lot
Assult School district police performing his duties
Assault Juror or alternate by civil or crimanal lititgant inthe case for which such juror has been sworn wile that legal action is pendingor after the end of the trial
241.8 (a)
Assault Memeber of the armed forces because of victims service
241.8 (b)
Because of means that the bias motivation must be the cause in fact of the assualt whether or not other causes exist
When Multiple concurrent motives excist, the prohibited bias must be a substantial factor in bringing about the assualt
Battery any willfull and unlawful use of force on the person of another
Battery Peace Officer, Firefighter paramedic emt cusodial officer lkifeguard, process server traffic officer code enforcement officer or animal control oficer non sworn probation employee performing duties whether on or off duty
243(c) (1)
Battery with injury rquiring professional medical treatment
Battery & Serious bodily Injury to any person
243 (e) (1)
Battery on a spouse, cohabitant parent of te defendants child, former souse, fiance, person with whom the defendant has previosly had a dating or engagement relationship
Battery on jail or prison guard (not a peace officer) performing duties, and the person knows or reasonably knos the same
243.2 (a) (1)
Battery on a person at school, park or hospital
243.2 (c)
Battery ; vehicle for hire driver opertor passenger, school bus driver ticket or staion agent while performing dutiues
felony if injury to victim
Battery public transportaion property station or parking lot or in motor vehicle for hire bus taxi etc against any person
Sexual Battery
Victim unlawfully restrained by the accused or accomplice who touch the skin of the intimate part against the victims will for sexual arousal gratification or abuse
243.4 (b)
Victim medically institutionalized for treatment and seriously disabled or medically incapcitaed, and accused touchesthe skin of an intimate part against the victims will for sextual arousal, gratification or abuse
243.4 (c)
Victim unconscious of nature of act accused touches an intimate part for sexual arousal, gratification or abuse by falsely representing the touch as serving a professional purpose
243.4 (d)
Victim forced to masterbate or intimately touch for the sexual arrousla gratification or abuse by the accused or accomplice while the victim unlawfully restrained or institutionalized for medical treatment and seriuosly disabled, or medically incapcitated
243.4 (e) (1)
Victim Touch and intimate part agaainst the victims will for sexual arrousal gratification, abuse
243.4 (e) (2)
Touch in (e)means physical contact with another person,wheather accompliched directly or through clothing
243.4 (f)
Touchin (abcd) means physical contact with skin of another person whether directly or through clothing
243.4(g) (1)
Intimate part means sexual organ anus groin buttockss of a peson breast of a female sexual battery does not include rape.
243.5 (a)
Assault or battery on School Propety Arrests Peace officer may arrest w/out a warrent a person who commits such act on school property during hours when school activities are being conducted whenever (1) the person comitted assault or battery although not in the oficers presence (2) the officer has reasonable cause to believe the person comitted the assalt or battery
Battery school employee for the performance of duties or to retaliate for act performed in the couse of duties wheter on or off campus felony if victim is injured
BATTERY ON JUROR OR ALTERNATE by civil or criminal litigant in the case for which such juror has been sworn, while the leagal action is pending ar after the conclusion
243.8 (a)
Battery on Sports official immediately before during or after scholastic, amatuer, or professional atletic contest in which that official is participating and the defendant knows
243.83 (a)
Professional sporting events unlawful activities
243.83 (1)
Throw any object on or across the court or field of play with the intent to interfer with play or distract player
243.83 (2)
Enter upon the court or field of play without permission from an authorized person any time after autorized participants of play havr entered the court or field to begin the envent until completed
243.83 (b)
Notice of prohibited activities owner of facility sahll provide notice
243.83 (c)
definition of events & players
243.83 (e)
not applicable to players and sports officials
243.9 (a)
Gassing excrement battery local jail inmate gas any peace officer or jail employee

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