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Word Building Medical Term


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adenitis, ad-eh-NI-tis
inflammation of a gland
adenoma, ad-deh-NO-mah
tumor of gland (glandular) cells
anemia, ah-NE-me-ah
no red blood cells (condition of less than normal red blood cells)
arthralgia, ar-THRAL-je-ah
pain in a joint (joint pain)
arthritis, ar-THRI-tis
inflammation in a joint
arthrogram, AR-thro-gram
x-ray record of a joint
arthroscope, AR-thro-skop
instrument to examine the inside of a joint
arthroscopy, ar-THROS-ko-pe
process of visual examination of a joint
biology, bi-OL-o-je
The scientific study of living organisms. (The study of life).
biopsy, BI-op-se
process of viewing living tissue
carcinoma, kar-sih-NO-mah
cancerous tumor or mass
cardiac, KAR-de-ak
pertaining to the heart
dermatitis, der-mah-TI-tis
inflammation of the skin
dermatosis, der-mah-TO-sis
abnormal condition of the skin
diagnosis, di-ag-NO-sis
The determination of the nature of a case of disease
electrocardiogram, e-lek-tro-KAR-de-o-gram
electric recording of the heart
endocrine, EN-do-krin
Pertaining to internal secretions. (Endocrine glands)
enteritis, en-ter-I-tis
inflammation of the intestines (small)
erythrocyte, eh-RITH-ro-sit
red cells (blood)
exocrine, EK-so-krin
secretes out (such as a gland that secretes tears or, sweats
gastrectomy, gas-TREK-to-me
excision of the stomach
pertaining to the stomach
gastritis, gas-TRI-tis
inflammation of the stomach
inflammation of the stomach and intestines
cardiology, kar-de-OL-o-je
study of the heart
cephalic, seh-FAL-ik
pertaining to the head
cerebral, seh-RE-bral
pertaining to the cerebrum (largest part of the brain)
pertaining to the blood vessels in the cerebrum/brain
cystoscope, SIS-to-skop
instrument to visually examine the bladder or urinary system
cystoscopy, sis-TOS-ko-pe
visually examine the bladder or urinary system
cytology, si-TOL-o-je
study of cells
hepatitis, hep-ah-TI-tis
inflammation of the liver
hyperglycemia, hi-per-gli-SE-me-ah
excessive sugar level in the blood (condition)
hypodermic, hi-po-DER-mik
pertaining to under or below the skip
hypothyroidism, hi-po-THI-royd-izm
below normal (activity of the) thyroid (condition)
laparotomy, lap-ah-ROT-o-me
incision into the abdomen
leukocyte, LU-ko-sit
white (blood) cells
nephrology, neh-FROL-o-je
study of the kidney
neural, NU-ral
pertaining to the nerves
neuritis, nu-RI-tis
inflammation of the nerves
neurotomy, nur-ROT-o-me
incision of a nerve
ophthalmoscope, of-THAL-mo-scope
instrument to visually examine the eye
osteoarthritis, os-te-o-ar-THRI-tis
inflammation of the bone and joint
psychosis, si-KO-sis
abnormal condition of the mind
resection, re-SEK-shun
to cut an organ out
rhinitis, ri-NI-tis
inflammation of the nose
sarcoma, sar-KO-mah
tumor or mass of the flesh (growth from 'fleshy' tissue of the body, such as fat, bone, muscle or cartilage)
subhepatic, sub-hep-PAT-ik
pertaining to under the liver
thrombosis, throm-BO-sis
abnormal clotting condition or clot formation
transurethral, trans-u-RE-thral
pertaining to across (through) the urethra
gastroenterology, gas-tro-en-ter-OL-o-je
study of the stomach and intestines
gastroscope, GAS-tro-skop
instrument to visually examine the stomach
gastroscopy, gas-TROS-ko-pe
visually examine the stomach
gastrotomy, gas-TROT-o-me
incision of the stomach
gynecologist, gi-neh-KOL-o-jist
specialist in medicine & surgical treatment of female disorders
gyneocology, gi-neh-KOL-o-je
study of female disorders
hematoma, he-mah-TO-mah
mass(collection) of blood (under the skin)
hepatoma, hep-ah-TO-mah
tumor of the liver
hyperthyroidism, hi-pr-TRI-royd-izm
excessive activity of the thyroid gland
hypoglycemia, hi-po-gli-SE-me-ah
lower than normal sugar level in the blood (condition)
laparoscopy, lap-ah-ROS-ko-pe
visually examine the abdomen
leukemia, lu-KE-me-ah
white blood cell (condition)
nephrectomy, neh-FREK-to-me
excision of the kidney or removal of the kidney
nephrosis, neh-FRO-sis
abnormal condition of the kidney
neuralgia, nu-RAL-je-ah
nerve pain
neurology, nur-ROL-o-je
study of the nervous system and nerve disorders
oncologist, ong-KOL-o-jist
specialist in the study & treatment of tumors
osteitis, os-te-I-tis
inflammation of the of a bone
pathologist, pah-THOL-o-jist
specialist in the study of disease (by examination of tissue and cells)
prognosis, prog-NO-sis
Before knowledge of the patient's condition. A forecast as to the possible outcome of an illness or treatment, literally-before (PRO-)knowledge (-GNOSIS)
nenal, RE-nal
pertaining to the kidney
retrogastric, reh-tro-GAS-trik
pertaining to behind the stomach
rhinotomy, ri-NOT-o-me
incision of the nose
subgastric, sub-GAS-trik
pertaining to under the stomach
thrombocyte, THROM-bo-sit
clotting cell (a platelet)
transgastric, trans-GAS-trik
pertaining to across the stomach

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