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CA Penal Codes 4


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False Documents Citizen or Alien Status: Make or sell, or sell false govt Document to conceal true status of another May file charge for each document
False Documents: Use to conceal true citizenship or alien status.
115 (a)
False or Forged Instrument: Procure or offer to file, rgstr, or record in a public office in this state.
116.5 (a)
Jury Tampering: Prior to, or w/in 90 days of discharge of the jury in a criminal case, (1) Give, or offer or agree to give, payment or benefit on a juror or 3rd person acting on juror's behalf for into related to an action or proceeding, and/or (2) Act on juror's behalf, accept or agree to accept payment or benefit for him/herself offor the juror for such info., and/or (3) Acting on behalf of him/herself, agree to accept, directly or indirectly, payment or behalf for such info.
118 (a)
Perjury Oral or Written: Willful and knowingly give a false statement, either under oath or under penalty of perjury by law, regarding a material matter in any authorized legal proceedings, whether made w/in or w/out the state.
Legal process; Interfere: Except for (c), attempt to prevent or dissuade a crime victim or witness from doing any of the following:
False Report: Filed by Peace Officer with employing agency.
False Affidavit: Knowingly swear, depose, or certify a false statement under oath regarding a material fact in an affidavit for a present or pending case.
132.5 (b)
Crime Witness; Disclose Information For Profit: Witness or person with personal knowledge of facts that may require testimony in a criminal trial not to accept or receive, directly, money or its equivalent payment for providing such info.
Special Circumstances: Knowing or maliciously do an act as in (a) or (b) under any of the following:
Destroy Evidence: Willfully destroy or conceal with intent to prevent it from being introduced for a pending trial, inquiry, or investigation authorized by law.
Evidence Tampering; Disciplinary Hearing Against Public Safety Officer: Knowingly alter, conceal, destroy, ect. relevant evidence to harm that officer.
136.1 (a)(1)
Intimidate; Witness or Victim: Knowing and maliciously prevent or dissuade from attending or giving testimony at a legal proceeding, except for (c)
Cause Complaint, Indictment, information, probation or parole violation to be sought and prosecuted, and assisting in prosecution.
Arrest, Cause, or Seek Arrest of a person in connection with victimization.
Report Victimization to proper authorities.
136.1 (1)
Force or Threats: Use force or by express or implied threat of force or violence on a victim, witness, or a third person, or their property.
136.1 (2)
Conspiracy: Act to further a conspiracy.
136.1 (3)
Prior Conviction of this section, predecessor law hereto, or federal or equivalent out-of-state law.
136.1 (4)
Monetary Gain, or for any other payment, acting on the request of a person, Incl. all parties to the transaction.
Deadly Weapon; Carry to Prevent Testimony, Etc. Have on one's person with intent to use to violate 136.1
137 (a)
Bribe Witness; Influence Statements to the police pertaining to material info to a crime
137 (b)
Attempt to induce False Statements to the police , DA Etc. or withold material info of a crime by force, threat of forceto any person or property or fraud
137 (c)
Induce False Statements or to witholdtrue statements (not Privleged) or to give false material info or withold true info of a crime from a law enf official
138 (a)
Bribe witness not to attend trial give offer promise to give bribe or attempt saame for the person not to attend a trial
138 (b)
Witness reciee bribe
Witness or person about to be called as such, receive or offer to receive a bribe with the understandingthat his testemony to be influenced or that the person will absent him self from the proceedings

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