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CA Penal Codes 2


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Bribery Police or Excutive Officer: Includes any public entity with the duty to require laws to be obeyed or preformed. Offer or give to influence any act, decision, or proceedings.
Bribery: ministerial officer Includes any public servent or employee of the state, county or city give or offer any thong the theft of which would be petty theft
resit or deter: Police or Executive Officer: Attempt by threat or violance to prevent officer form performing lawful duties,or knowingly resist, by force or violance such officer performing duties
Gratuity: Publice Official: CA
State xecutive or ministrail officer, employye, or appointee, or counthy or city therein, or politiacl subdivisoin therof knowinly as, receive, or agree to receive payment, gratuity, or reward, or promise thereof, except autorized by law for an officail act
Threaten Scool Official or Publice Afficer By Direct Threat to such aperson to injure any person or property with intent to cause commission or ommision of any act in performance of his/her duties and it reasonably appears the threat could be carried out
Death Threat Publice Official With specific intent to be taken as a threat, threaten the life of or serious bodily harm to an elected public official, county poublic defender, county clerk, exempt appointee of the governor, judge, court commisioner, or staff or imediate family of any of the above with present ability to carry out such threat

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