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Prefix "pre"


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(v) to stop something from happening before it occurs EX: The sign at the broken elevator was placed there to _______ people from taking it and becoming trapped.
(n) a syllable or word that comes before a root word to change its meaning EX: "Re" is an example of a ________ because it changes a words to mean "do it again".
(v) to say what will happen before it occurs Ex. I _________ that it will rain tomorrow because of the gathering of storm clouds.
(v) to come before something else in time, order, or rank EX: The National Anthem ________d the baseball game.
(n) a test before the real test; usually given to see what is already known Ex: We took a spelling _______ so we would know which words we really needed to study.
(n) something seen in advance; (v) to view beforehand EX: When you go to watch a movie, they always have a ________ of other movies that are coming soon.
(v) to pay for something before you receive what you are paying for Ex: We had to _______ for the gas before we were able to fill up our car's gas tank.
(v) to make a decision before you have all of the facts Ex: Many students ________ a book before they read it by simply looking at the cover.
(n) a measure taken in advance to prevent harm EX: Please wash your hands as a _________ so you won't get sick from germs.
(v) to authorize or give permission IN ADVANCE. EX: I was _________d so I did not have to wait for a background check to allow me onto the set of the production of the TV show.

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