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Lesson 15 spelling


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What are the 2 rules for changing a word ending in Y preceded by a consonant?
Change the Y to and I before adding -es or -ed;
keep the Y before adding the suffix -ing.
ex. carry,carries,carried, carrying
What is the rule for making a word PLURAL when the Y is proceeded by a consonant.
Change the Y to an I before adding -es.
ex. Library (singular, 1), Libraries (plural, 2 or more)
What is the abbreviation for pound? What is the plural abbreviaton for more than one pound or pounds?
When you compare two things, what suffix do you add to the adjective?
When you compare three or more things what suffix do you add to the adjective?
What is the singular abbreviation for ounce?
What is the plural abbreviation for ounces?
You can make adverbs from adjectives by adding -ly. Ex. happy to happily
What is the rule if the adjective ends in a -y and you need to add -ly?
change the -y to an -I and add -ly.
ex. busy-busily
what is the rule if you have to add -ness to a word that ends in a Y and is proceeded by a consonant. Ex. busy
Change a Y to an i then -ness
Ex business
If you have a word with a consonant then a y and you want to add -ing do you keep the Y or drop the Y and add an i?
Keep the Y, because you don't want two I's together.
ex. marry to marrying
not marriing
add -es, -ed, -ing to the following words
carry, marry, worry
carries, carried, carrying
marries, married, marrying
worries, worried, worrying
Make the following words plural by adding -es
library, charity, industry, country
libraries, charities, industries, and countries
make comparative words for two objects and three or more objects using the following words happy, lazy, easy, busy
happier, happiest
lazier, laziest
easier, easiest
busier, busiest
change the following adverbs in to adjectives by adding -ly
happy, lazy, easy, busy
ex. He _______ cleaned his room.
change the adjectives into nouns by adding -ness
lazy, easily, happy, busy

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