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Chem. Heat n energy


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The quantity of heat
Specific heat
The change in enthalpy for a reaction in which one mole of a compound is formed
Standard heat of formation
The heat released by 1 mole of a substance as it changes from a vapor to a liquid at the liquid's boiling point
Molar heat of condensation
The heat released by 1 mole of a substance as it changes from a liquid to a solid at the solid's melting point
Molar heat of solidification
The heat released or absorbed by 1 mole of a substance as it dissolves in water to produce 1 liter of a 1 molar solution
Molar heat of solution
The energy required to vaporize 1 mole of a liquid
Molar heat of vaporization
In going from a paticular set of reactants to a paticular set of products, the enthalpy change is the same whether the reaction takes place in one step or in a series of steps
Hess's law of heat summation
The energy thats transfered from one body to another because of a temperature difference
The quantity of heat required to change and object's temperature by exactly 1 degrees Celcius
Heat capacity
Heat released or absorbed during a chemical reaction
Heat of reaction
The capacity for doing work
The heat content of a system at constant pressure
The Quantity of Heat that raises the temperature
Energy stored within the structural units of chemical substances
Chemical Potential Energy
The study of heat changes in chemical reactions

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