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Biology T2:C3: Cells & Energy


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The process by which an organism keeps its internal conditions relatively stable.
What is Homeostasis?
The first cells with internal compartments evolved >1.5 million yrs. ago having a nucleolus, organelles & cilia.
What are Eukaryotes?
German physician who discovered all cells come from preexisting cells.
Who was Rudolph Virchow?
German zoologist who claimed that all animals are made from preexisting cells.
Who was Theodore Schwann?
German Botanist who discovered all plant parts are made of cells.
Who was Mattia Schleiden?
A form of chemical energy that is used by a cell to carry out life processes.
What is ATP (adenosine triphosphate)?
The first cells on Earth evolved > 3.5 billion yrs. ago but couldn't make their own food or use oxygen.
What were Prokaryotes?
The movement of a substance from a crowded area to an area less crowded.
What is Diffusion?
A substance in chloroplasts that absorbs energy.
What is Chlorophyll?
The process by which plant cells use Carbon Dioxide, water, and light energy to make food.
What is Photosynthesis?
Having tiny pores/holes that let some nutrients into cell while wastes are expelled.
What is Semipermeable?
The process by which cells release energy from food.
What is Cellular Respiration?
The movement of water across a cell membrane.
What is Osmosis?
The movement of materials through the cell membrane by using energy.
What is Active Transport?
the movement of materials through the cell membrane without using energy.
What is Passive Transport?

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