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antidiabetic drugs


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1st gen sulfonylureas end w/
2nd gen sulfonlylureas end w/
Meglitinides end w/
Bigaunides end w/
Thiazolidinediones end w/
a-glucosidase inhibitors
insulin lispro (humalog)
ultra short acting insulin
insulin aspart (novolog) [BCF]
ultra short acting insulin
insulin glulisine
ultra short acting insulin (approved for CSII pumps)
regular insulin (novolin) [BCF]
short acting insulin
only insulin that can be give IV or IM
regular insulin (novolin)
isophane insulin suspension (NPH)
intermediate acting insulin
NPH humulin
intermediate acting insulin
NPH novolin [BCF]
intermediate acting insulin
insulin glargine (lantus) [BCF]
long acting insulin
onset, peak, and duration for ultra short acting insulin
15 min
1-2 hrs
4 hrs
onset, peak, and duration for short acting insulin
0.5-1 hr
2-4 hrs
8 hrs
onset, peak, and duration for intermediate acting insulin
2 hrs
8 hrs
24 hrs
onset, peak, and duration for long acting insulin
24 hrs
acetohexamide (dymelor)
1st gen sulfonylurea
chlorpropamide (diabinese)
1st gen sulfonylurea
tolazamide (tolinase)
1st gen sulfonylurea
tolbutamide (orinase)
1st gen sulfonylurea
1st gen sulfonylurea w/ an extremely long half-life
chlorpropamide (may cause hypoglycemia)
glipizide (glucotrol) [BCF]
2nd gen sulfonylurea
glyburide (diabeta/micronase) [BCF]
2nd gen sulfonylurea
glimepiride (amaryl)
2nd gen sulfonylurea
most potent 2nd gen sulfonylurea
2nd gen sulfonylurea not used if CrCl <50ml/min
2nd gen sulfonylurea not used if CrCl <10ml/min
2nd gen sulfonylurea rx to elderly
repaglinide (prandin)
nateglinide (starlix)
antidiabetic agent used for pts w/ varying eating schedules
metformin (glucophage) [BCF]
antidiabetic agent used for obese pts
biguanide (metformin)
absolute CI for metformin use
SCr >1.5mg/dL
pioglitazone (actos)
rosiglitazone (avandia) [BCF]
CI for thiazolidinediones use
class III/IV heart failure and hepatic dysfunction;
do not start if baseline LFTs >2.5 ULN
will thiazolidinediones work w/ type I diabetes?
no...must have insulin on board to work
acarbose (precose)
a-glucosidase inhibitors
miglitol (glyset)
a-glucosidase inhibitors
CI for a-glucosidase inhibitors
GI dysfunctions
SE of a-glucosidase inhibitors
GI disturbances (> carbs = > disturbances)
which combination antidiabetic agent requires LFTs at baseline and q 2 mos x1 yr?
rosiglitazone/metformin (avandamet) [BCF]
how tx HbA1C at 7%?
how tx HbA1C at 7-8%?
single oral agent
how tx HbA1C at 9-10%?
two or more oral agents
which antidiabetic drug not given to elderly?
metformin because of renal function (SCr >1.5mg/dL)
what is only acceptable antidiabetic drug for pregnancy?
when do you add insulin tx to type II diabetes pts?
after two drugs if not effective
diabetic ketoacidosis common in which type?
type I
hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome (HNKS) common in which type?
type II
what glucose levels expected in HNKS?

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