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mycology intro


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what type of flask is used for growing mold/yeasts?
what are the four types of culture media for mycology?
-Sab Dex
-Brain Heart Infusion
-BHI/CC, Mycosel, Mycobiotic
-Potato Dextrose
What is special about Sabex?
prevents bacterial contamination of mycologic growth; pH = 5.6 inhibits bacteria.
What is BHI?
Brain heart infusion agar
-an enriched medium that doesn't inhibit bacteria.
What is BHI/CC? 2 brand names?
BHI with
-chloramphenicol to inhib. bugs
-cycloheximide to inhib. fungal contaminants.
what is potato dextrose agar for?
a secondary media for sporulation and better identification of mold/fungi that ALREADY GREW on another medium
at what temps do yeast grow best?

what other temps CAN they grow?
37 degrees

at what temps do molds grow best?
only 25-30; 37 inhibits them
how many weeks should you grow a fungi before calling it neg?
4 weeks
do you observe macroscop. morph the same way for molds and yeasts?
almost, but not quite.
Yeast don't have mycelium (aerial or vegetative)
what 5 characteristics do you look for in yeast, macroscop?

what texture do they tend to be?
-Tend to be waxy/glaborous
what are common characteristics of yeast then? (5)
Pasty, round, convex, white-off-white, bread/brewery odor, waxy/glaborous
what about fungi makes staining difficult?
chitin in their cell wall - they appear clear then.
what type of staining is done for fungi?
LPCB prep
what is LPCB, purpose of each component?
Lactol Phenol Cotton Blue stain
-Lactic acid clears fungus for better visibility
-Phenol kills the fungus
-Cotton blue stains the fungus
4 types of Mold Preps:
scotch tape
slide culture
what are 3 types of direct preps for MOLDS?
1. saline - a wet mount but its clear b/c fungi don't stain.
2. LPCB - most common.
3. KOH - clears keratin away in nail and hair preps.
What are pseudohyphae, and what are they seen in?
look like long filaments of hyphae in YEASTS, but just elongated yeast cells
what types of spores are seen in yeast?
what types of spores are seen in molds?

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