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Flight Prep - Certificates and Documents


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Must your Private Glider license be in your possession every time you fly as Pilot-In-Command?
If you move to a new address, must you notify the FAA in writing of your change in address?
YES, within 30 days.
Is your Private Glider License permanent?
YES. The license expires only if voluntarily surrendered, revoked by the FAA, or if the pilot dies.
Can a Private Pilot fly for hire?
What are the medical requirements for a Private Pilot Glider?
The pilot must sign a statement stating that he/she has no known medical defect which would make him unfit to fly.
Do the FARs require that every flight be logged?
What flights must be logged in order to carry passengers?
1) At least three takeoffs and landings in a glider must have been accomplished and logged within the preceding 90 days.
2) A flight review, per FAR 61.56, must have been accomplished and logged within the preceding 24 months.
Must you have accomplished and logged a Flight Review, per 61.56, within the preceding 24 months to fly a glider as PIC?
What flights must be logged in order to take an FAA practical test?
The minimum experience requirements for such a test, as specified in part 61 of the FAR's.
What flights must be logged to fly a glider as Pilot in Command?
1) A flight review per FAR 61.56 within the preceding 24 months.
What are the minimum requirements for a glider pilot flight review?
1) Min. one hour of ground instruction
2) Minimum one hour flight instruction
OR three flights.
When does a Flight Review Expire?
At the end of the 24th month after the flight review is accomplished. A review accomplished on September 18th 2001 would expire on September 30th 2003.
What flight information should be logged when making an pilot logbook entry?
1) Date
2) Duration of flight
3) Place
4) type of glider flown
5) N-Number of glider
6) Type of experience
Dual or PIC(Solo)?
Must you have your pilot logbook in your possession every time you fly?
What documents must be in the glider to be legal for flight?
A - Airworthiness Certificate
R - Registration Certificate
O - Operating limitations
W - Weight and Balance information
Is the Airworthiness Certificate permanent?
What info is on the registration certificate?
1) Name and address of the owner of the glider.
2) Registration number of the glider.
What are the acceptable ways the Operating Limits can be aboard?
1) Placards
2) Air Speed Indicator Markings
3) Glider Operating Manual.
What are the required operating limits of the glider?
1) Maximum ground launch speed
2) Maximum aerotow speed
3) Maneuvering Speed
4) Rough Air Speed
5) Never Exceed Speed
Where is the authoritative information regarding the operating limits of a glider found?
In the manufacturer's handbook.
What are the acceptable ways that Weight and Balance information can be aboard?
Placards or the glider operating manual.
Why is flight unsafe if the C.G.(center of gravity) is out of aft limits?
Because lowering the nose to recover from a stall may be difficult or even impossible, leading to loss of control of the glider.
What Two conditions MUST be satisfied when solving weight and balance problems?
1) Weight of the glider must be at or below maximum gross weight
2)The C.G.(center of gravity) must be within the manufacturer's specified limits.
Why is flight with the center of gravity out of forward limits dangerous?
Because it may be difficult or impossible to raise the nose of the glider, particularly during landing.
What inspections must be performed on a glider carrying passengers for hire?
1) Annual inspection
2) 100-hour inspection
Who can perform an Annual Inspection?
An Authorized Inspector(IA).
Must glider inspections be logged?
YES, in the glider's airframe logbook.
Who is responsible for determining if a glider is in airworthy condition?
The PIC..Pilot In Command
Who is responsible for maintaining a glider in airworthy condition?
The Owner.
What is a minor repair?
1) Tire repair
2) Seat repair
3) Making small, non-structural repairs to the external fabric or skin of the aircraft.
What is preventative maintenance?
1)Servicing landing gear oleos with oil or nitrogen.
2)Lubrication of non-structural members
3)Lubrication of wheel bearings
4)Replacing safety belts or seat components
5)Replacing Batteries.
Can a Private Pilot perform minor repairs or preventative maintenance?
What is major Glider repair?
1)Involves large portions of the external skin of the aircraft
2)Involves structural members of the aircraft
3)Any repair that may affect the flight characteristics of the aircraft.
Who is authorized to perform a MAJOR glider repair?
1) Approved aviation mechanics
2) Authorized Inspectors(IA)

Major repairs MUST be noted in the aircraft logbook and signed off by a qualified aviation maintenance professional.
Where in the FAR's can detailed regulations be found governing aircraft maintenance and repairs?
A private glider pilot may?
1)Take passengers
2)Split expenses
3)Fly any glider
What minimum equipment is required in a glider?
Airspeed indicator
How does use effect the 100 hr inspection for a glider that is used for hire to carry passengers or property?
Depends on what purpose the aircraft is being used for at the time. For instance the 100hr is NOT required for the checkride.
Are Airworthiness Directives Mandatory?
Yes...unless the AD says so.
Who issues Service Bulletins?
The factory

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