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microbiology 4


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a membrane transport system consisting of three proteins, one of which hydrolyzes atp as an energy source to drive the transport even, one of which binds the substrate on the outside of the cell, and one of which functions as the transport channel throug
ABC transporter (ATP binding cassette transporter)
the permeability barrier of the cell, separating the cytoplasm from the environment; consists of lipid and protein
cytoplasmic membrane
a highly heat-resistant, thick walled, differentiated cell produced by certain gram-positive bacteria
long thin cellular appendage capable of ratation in prokaryotic cells and responsible for swimming motility
a prokaryotic cell whose cell wall contains relatively little peptidoglycan but contains an outer membrane composed of lipopolysaccharide, lipoprotein, and other complex macromolecules
gram negative
a prokaryotic cell whose cell wall consists chiefly of peptidoglycan and lacks the outer membrane of gram negative cells
gram positive
a polysaccharide composed of alternating repeats of acetylglucosamine and acetylmuramic acid with the latter in adjacent layers cross linked by short peptides
an energy dependent transport process in whcih the substance transported is chemically modified during the transport process
group translocation
a gel like region between the outer surface of the cytoplasmic membrane and the inner surface of the lipopolysaccharide layer of gram negative bacteria
an osmotically portected cell whose cell wall has been removed
hydrophobic multiringed structures that strengthen the cytoplasmic membrane of eukaryotic cells and a few prokaryotes

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