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ACDEC Music Demicards III


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When did Joseph II try to make a German-speaking theater in Vienna
For how many yrs was M a freemason?
What is the name of M's most ambitious serious opera?
Mozart ended up going where after getting a letter from his dad?
When M wanted to go with the Webers to Italy, where did his dad say he must go?
to France
Who was Archduke Leopold of Tuscany later known as?
Emperor Leopold II
After asking Archudke Ferdinand, L M inquired to the Archduke ___ of Tuscany about a position for M
Why did Joseph II try to shut down the Burgtheater?
save $ during a war w/ the Turks
How did Singspiel come to be accepted in Viennese society
Joseph II liked it and imposed it on society
Singspiel was welcomed in Vienna T/F
In the closing of exp and recap of M piano concerto, is it necessary to provide new melodic material?
Who was italy's most famous opera composer in the 19th century
After 1786, M started composing lots of _____
With what era do listeners usually associate M's Piano Concerto in D minor, K 466
How was music used in Masonic rituals
acc for "trips about the Lodge", before and after prayer, entrance into Lodge, closing meetings
Which concerto is M's most famous?
k 455 in D minor
How does the solo exposition differ from the orchestra exposition in M's PC in A Major, K 488
solo exp more ornamented and includes a moderation
What does the Fellow Craft Degree represent
strong manhood
For what event did M compose the Masonic work Gesellenreise?
his father's initiation into the Fellow Craft Degree
Which Degree was the most impt in M's Masonic-music career
Fellow Craft
3 degrees of membership within the Blue Lodge of Freemasonry
Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason
What was the name of the original Masonic group
Blue Lodge of Freemasonry
Why did Masonic lodges hold many concert
Eroica's 1st or last movement was the longest in history
The ideas of the Enlightenment are most apparent in M's ___ music
How did B communicate w/ others at end of life?
conversation books
What was the highest rank M achieved as a Freemason
Master Mason
When M went back to Salzburg, what was his position?
court organist
Who were the Free and Accepted Masons
secretive and charitable fratrnity
What is the title of M's 1st composition
Andante in C
Who composed the 1st piece of music M learned to play
Georg Christoph Wagenseil
Where did M compose Idomeneo
Who commissioned M to write Idomeneo
Elector of Bavaria
In what city did the 1st performance of Idomeneo take place
Mozart preferred the opera seria or buffa style?
What is the 1st composition of B's middle period?
3rd SYmphony
Where was M born?
What is a cantata
musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text
Since Haydn saw ___'s commemoration at Westminster Abbey, Haydn wanted to write ___ music
Handel, choral
T/F: Jefferson's library was built in the style of the Acropolis
F: based on the Roman Pantheon
What separates artists of the 18th century from those of different time periods
wanted to master asethetic properties of art in classical antiquity
In Bonn, Haydn was shown ___'s cantatas, convincing Haydn to become his teacher
Setting the soloist's opening theme of the recap in the subdominant is characteristic of whose writing?
what is programmatic music?
represents a person, place, or thing
name all the functions in the 7 scale degrees
tonic, supertonic, mediant, subdominant, dominant, submediant, leading tone
Musicians in the ___ era found inspiration in the alleged magical powers of music in antiquity
What is an ostinato
short musical pattern repeated throughout some or all of a composition
the way musical parts come together
During which verses of Voi does the music become more passionate and dissonant?
6 and 7

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