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Vocabulary from Chapter 29 of Wheelock's Latin


undefined, object
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fatum, -i
n., fate, death
ingenium, -ii
n., nature, innate talent
moenia, moenium
n. pl., walls of a city
nata, -ae
f., daughter
osculum, -i
n., kiss
sidus, sideris
n., constellation, star
dignus, -a, -um
+ abl., worthy, worthy of
durus, -a, -um
hard, harsh, rough, stern, unfeeling, hardy, difficult
tantus, -a, -um
so large, so great, of such a size
adv., at last, finally, lastly
adv. used with adjs., vbs., and advs., so, thus
postpositive adv., indeed, certainly, at least, even
ne... quidem
not... even
adv. most commonly with verbs, so, thus (sic)
adv. with adjs. and advs., so, to such a degree
tam... quam
so... as
adv., in truth, indeed, to be sure, however
condo, -dere, -didi, -ditum
to put together or into, store; found, establish
contendo, -tendere, -tendi, -tentum
to strive, struggle, contend; hasten
mollio, mollire, mollivi, mollitum
to soften; make calm or less hostile
pugno (1)
to fight
respondeo, -spondere, -spondi, -sponsum
to answer
surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectum
to get up, arise

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