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ACDEC SS Demicards VII


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From where did we get knowledge of the early Sumerians
pottery and architecture
T/F: Accts of Sargon's conquests are probably legend
Which side of egypt united by conquering the other half?
What were the 2 original jobs of the Kassites?
Soldiers and farmers
Kassite holdings were focused around this place
What event did the 1st Olympics consist of
200 m sprint
Poleis originally served as what
Elevated and defensible positions
In early Greek politics, the king was known as a
What term do historians use to describe the Dark Ages?
This location became the gathering place for debate among the ionians
Why did the patrician's power diminish about the time of the equites' rise?
infighting among the aristocrats
Which emperor had to handle the consequences of MT Vesuvius
How long did Babylon remain in a position of preeminence?
2000 yrs
Who did Sargon defeat to expand his empire into N Meso?
Amorites, Mari, Ebla, Elam
What did the colony of Pithecusae serve as
haven for Greeks trading w/ Etruscans
The Middle Assyrian Empire had its height uner this king
Tukulti-Ninurta I
What period followed the late Uruk period, and dates?
Jemdet Nasr, 3100-2900 BC
Thutmose IV was active or passive?
T/F: Thutmose IV was Amenhotep II's chosen successor
Ahmose conquered the ____ ____ to the north and pushed back the ____ to the s
Nile Delta, Nubians
About how long did Thutmose III reign by himself?
30 yrs
Stretch of land between Egypt and Syria is most famous for what
rise to 3 religions and language
Thutmose I's armies reached as far as Carchemish on the _____ R.
What caused the mass production of beveled bowls in Uruk
pop growth
This cultural group took Babylon from the Kassites under K Tukulti-Ninurta
To what period do the earliest settlements in Meso date?
Who was the 4th ruler of the kingdom of Fars
Cyrus II
What were the 2 great powers in the Medit during the 3rd century BC
Rome and Carthage
When was Rome founded?
753 BC
Power of Atheninan king divided among what 3 officials
archon, polemarch, basileus
After defeating Darius, Alex claimed himself king of what region?
This person unsuccessfully expanded Hittite kingdom into Syria, Levant, and Mesopotamia
Hattusilis I
What was the catalyst for the 1st Pelo War
Invasion of Megara by Corinth
What great dramatists came to prominence during Pericles' reign
Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes
How did Pericles attempt to control the diverse factions throughout the Athenian empire
Installing Athenians in certain territories to monitor populations and tribute
What measure did Pericles take to subordinate the needs of other states to Athens?
mandated adoption of Athenian coins and measures
What were the terms of the Peace of Nicias?
Each side had to return the territory it had seized

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