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ACDEC SS Demicards VI


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Who defeated the Etruscans in a sea battle of Cumae in 474 BC?
Hieron of Syracuse
How did Senusret get materials for construction?
Extended Egypt to include mines and quarries of 2nd Cataract
For what is Amenemhet's successor and co-regent Senusret I known?
building programs
What event initiated Etruria's collapse?
Greek tyrant Gelon moving his capital to Syracuse and beginning a naval campaign that would isolate etruria from its Medit trade
Why were Etruscan conquests short-lived?
lack of political unity in Etruria
The Etruscans conquered what 2 settlements
Latium and Campagnia
Some responsibilites of the Mycenean king:
governing royal domain, appt officials, commanding trade bureaucracy
What change in burial procedures occurred in Mycenae aroun 1500 BC
stopped shaft graves, built large, domed, beehive chambers called tholos
How many people lived in Uruk by 3700 BC
50 thousand
What title did Nabopolassar give himself
King of Akkad
Amenhotep III's regency marked the end of the ____ reign
With which culture did the Ubaid eventually merge?
Under whose rule did the Akkadian empire reach its height and greatest geographic extent?
Where does our knowledge of Sargon's campaign come from
Inscriptions in the temple of the god Enlil in Nippur
When did the Protodynastic period in Egypt begin?
3100 BC
Achievments of The Protodynastic Period:
pyramids, statues, jewelry-laden artifacts
Whose son and heir was Samsuiluna
Who sacked Ur in 2004 BC and where did they take the king?
Elamites, took Ibbi-Sin to Anshan in Iran
Hammurabi's domestic accomplishments:
temples, strengthened trade, increase in scholarly activity
Kassites in early days called these 2 regions home:
Babylonia, W Iran
Some believe Narmer is the same person as ___, who founded Memphis and the 1st dynasty
This Assyrian archive helps us date the death of Shamshi-Adad at 1781 BC
How long did the Ubaid culture last
over 1000 yrs
What war broke out almost simultaneously w/ Sulla's election to the consul
1st Mithridatic war in Asia
When was the 1st ostracism
487 BC
Why was Sparta worried about Athen's rising power?
feard A might undermine integrity of the Pelo league
Who was the last emperor of the Julio-Claudians?
Who were the Flavian emperors?
Vespacian, Titus, Domitian
What did Cleisthenes do to ensure the whole Attic pop would be represented?
Expanded the Solonian Council of 400 to 500
The etruscans had a prosperous trade network w/ which 2 cultures?
Greeks and Carthaginians
How did Tukulti-Ninurta I die?
murdered by insurgents led by his son Ashur-nadin-apli
What is synoecism
political unification of separate entities into one state
What was Agesilaus' final attempt at power?
Siezing Thebes in 382 BC
Which battle ended Sparta's hegemony?
Leuctra, against THebes, 371 BC
How was democracy restored in Athens after the 30 tyrants?
deposing 30 Tyrants and repudiating Lysander's policies
What did the Messenian revolts lead the Spartans to do?>
Change constitution to condone a rigid oligarchy demanding military service for all males
How did Sparta pay back Persia for its help in defeating Athens?
returned Greek cities of Asia minor to them
Why did the entry of Thessaly, Megara, and Argos threaten Sparta?
demonstrated growht of Athenian democracy in opposition to Sparta's oligarchy
What was Solon's first duty?
resolve conflict between classes, forestall tyranny
Under what pretext did Lysander install an oligarchy in Athens?
Athens had violated the terms of its surrender
What had occurred in Athens by 683 BC
traditional monarchy was replaced
What technological advancements were used by the Uruk?
plow and wheel

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