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ACDEC SS Demicards V


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Evidence of Mycenean prosperity is found in what?
large qtys of gold, silver, and weapons found in their graves
Where was Akkad?
on the Euphrates
What significant events did Akkad's rise to prominence mark?
establishment of Mes empire, end of Sumerian control
The Sumerian city-states allied themselves under whom for protection?
Lugalzagesi, king of 3rd Dynasty of Uruk
What did later generations most remember Naram-Sin for?
Offending the gods and inciting rebellions
Who is faulted for the fall of the Akkadian Empire?
The 2nd Intermediate period lasted from ___ to ____ BC
1650, 1550
Which two attributes marked Sennarcherib's reign?
conquest and warfare
Who began raiding Rome in 367 BC?
What was Assyria's new capital?
The line of vigorous Assyrian monarchs that began regaining lost lands in the west started with whom?
Ashurdan II
A conflict between what two cities created the 2nd Pelo War?
Corcyra and Corinth
What does the Macehead of King Narmer confirm?
he participated in the heb-sed
This cultural group's language is related to Sanskrit and Greek
Why is it difficult to determine the nature of Sargon's rise to power and rule?
Most accts speak of him in legenary and hyperbolic terms
In what two ways did Ahmose I restore kingly power?
military incursions, deals w/ nomarchs
Capital of 17th dynasty
Cyaxares son
Who did Nabopolassar ally himself w/
Cyaxares of Media
What attribute of prehistoric Egypt leads to the notion that there was conflict between U and L
tribal city-states, especially in U
What was the geographic extent of the Mittani state by 1400 BC/
Medit to Zagros
How did Athens deal w/ dissent under Cleisthenes?
What is the period between AD 14 and 180 known as?
Pax Romana
Why were the Phoenicians temporarily able to experience independence from Assyrian intimidation?
rise of Baby empire checked Assyrians
Mittani king who ruled over all of Upper Mes
How long did the 1st Inter Period last?
140 yrs
1st dynasty capital
Appius Caecus was a censor/consul
Minor officials who announced appearance of anyone w/ imperium
How long did Thutmose III's "reign" last?
50+ yrs
3 reasons for decline of Old Kingdom under Pepy II
too long reign, monument building used too many resources, poor floods
Dates of Greek dark ages
1100-776 BC
Grave goods at Lefkandi show evidence of contact w/ which areas
Cyprus and the Levant
define quaestor
roman financial officer
This dynasty filled political vaccuum left by death of Mursilis I
1st Dynasty of Sealand
In which regions did Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus lead armies in battle?
Sicily, Africa, Italy
Hittites and Mittani fought over which territorial possessions
N Syria and Taurus Mts

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