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ACDEC SS Demicards IV


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It is believed that Gudea appointed ___ as military gv of Ur
Who founded Megara?
Dorian Greeks
Carthage expanded its empire to include what territories
Spain, Baleares, Sardinia, Corsica, Malta, Sicily
Writers during the Silver Age of Roman lit:
Tacictus, Petronius, Seneca
Most significant act attributed to Menes
setting up capital at Memphis
In which battle did the Boeotians defeat the invading Athenians?
Who did Darius defeat to take the Persian throne?
Which event broke Egypt's hold on the Levant?
Political realignment, conflict w/Mittani
Capital of Epirus?
Which event marked the ultimate demise of the Kassite Dynasty?
Elamite invasion in 1050 BC that sacked Babylon and carried off the Code to Susa
Death of this king in 1550 BC led to the demise of the 17th dynasty
T/F: Ahmose finished many cult temples
Greek colonization was caused by what?
Drought and famine
Which greek historian classified the Bronze Age as a "cyclical alternation between periods of expansion...and contraction?"
Oliver Dickinson
Why did the Kings of Isin fail?
Amorite invaders in the Fertile Crescent
The constitutional perogatives of the patricians were known as what?
patrium auctoritas
This ethnic group had settlements in Mesopotamia, Syria, Akkad, and Ur during the 3000s BC
Neb's 2 front campaign was against which 2 kings?
Necho II (Egypt) and Jehoiakim (Judah)
Who did Rome drive out from Greece in the Syrian War?
Antiochus III
Why did Spartan king Cleomenes I invade Attica in 510 BC?
prevent a rumored alliance between Hippias and Darius
Pericles became leader of Athens after which 2 major political events
Cimon's ostracism, Ephialtes' assassination
Why did Sulla's march against Marius cost him many supporters?
disapproved of his tactics, which included murder
Egyptian culture and economy grew/shrunk during the 1st intermediate period
This ziggurat was known as "The House of the Frontier between Heaven and Earth?"
How did Petrie's system work?
determined dates of events through artifacts
What happened to Kassite during the reign of Kashtiliash IV
lost power and became vassals of the Assyrians for 7 yrs
In what 3 ways did the 2nd dynasty increase power?
centralized the gvt, got $ from tax and trae, promoted belief in the god-king
How did Crassus die?
unsuccessful campaign against the Parthians
How do historians know the extent of Mycenean trade at its peak?
discovery of pottery, objects found in shipwrecks
What was the chief of Thessaly's aristocratic families known as
In 514 BC Who did Darius I turn his imperial ambitions toward?
Thrace and Macedonia
Who crowned himself King of Babylon in 721 BC
Invasions by which culture interrupted the trading patterns between the Aegean, Levant and Italy
Who was the 1st known Greek phlosopher, what did he theorize
Thales, world made from water
This pupil of Thales wrote a treatise titled "On the Nature of Things"
The Hittite Kingdom was located in which modern-day country?

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