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ACDEC SS Demicards III


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Under whose reign did the Assyrians lead campaigns against Syria and Palestine?
Shalmanesser III
Who founded Macedonia's capital Aegae
the Temenidae Dynasty
This region was known as the home of the ancient oracle of Zeus at Dodona
Elis was initially settled by people related to the
Who murdered Sennarcherib?
Adrammelech and Sharezer
Which events led to the rise of the Sidonian state?
fall of the Hittites, invasion of the Sea Peoples
Who did the Babylonians attack after conquereing the Assyrians?
Rulers from the 0-2nd dynasties were buried where?
What were the dates of the Late Minoan Period?
1600-1450 BC
During the middle Minoan period, independent territories arose where?
Knossos, Phaistus, Mallia
Shulgi extended the Ur III Empire to include ___ and ___
Elam, Upper Mesopotamia
The Western Greek dialect included speakers of which Greek dialects?
Doric, NW Greek
T/F: The emerging states would not come to full power until several 100 yrs after the end of the 1st dynasty of Babylon
What did Hammurabi's capture of Eshnunna and areas of Assyria and the Zagros accomplish?
control of trade routes to Anatolia and Iran
This stable Hittite Dynasty followed the Sealand Dynasty
What is the modern name of Akhetaten?
The 12th and 13th Dynasty moved the capital from ___ to ___
Thebes, Itj-towy
Small kingdoms in Syria that Suppiluliumas conquered?
Kadesh, Aleppo, Carchemish, Ugarit
What gave Rome the opportunity to breach its peace w/Carthage and seize Corsica and Sardina?
rebellion among the Mamertine mercenaries in Carthage
What was the "Battle of the 300 Champions?"
war where Sparta and Argos selected 300 champions to fight to the death for control of the Thyrean Plain
Who chose archons?
What was Lipit-Ishtar of Isin known for
attempts at social and economic reform
What was the first phase of the 2nd Pelo War
Archidamian War
Which 3 city-states joined the Delian Legue in 457 BC
Thessaly, Megara, Argos
Titus had a brief/long reign
What prompted Philip V's attempt to reassert Macedonian control in Dalmatia and the Hellespont?
Roman defeat at Cannae and its shattered confidence
Who did the Gauls ally themselves with in an attempt to conquer Rome?
Kingdoms from which area posed a threat to Babylonian dominace?
Under whose reign was Isin incorporated into Larsa
The Roman constitution was expanded in 367 BC by the reforms of which laws?
What did the 30 yrs peace stipulate?
A and S would settle future disputes thru arbitration, Athens would abandon its acquisitions on the mainland
What did Pheidon of Argos do?
organized Argive army, marched across Peloponnese, siezed Olympia
The formal cursus began with what position?
The four main tribes of Athens were divided into 12 divisions known as what?
Pisistratus's domestic accomplishments
public works, secured Athens' food supply, promothed industry, commerce, and patriotic celebrations
What prompted Cypselsus to continue expanding and fortify the city walls?
Delphic oracle
Where was the kingdom of Hatti established in 1750 BC?
N of the Taursus Mts in central Turkey
Rulers named Khety and Merykare presided over a decentralization of power in these 2 dynasties
9th and 10th
Akhenaten moved his capital from ___ to ___
Karnak, Akhetaten

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