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ACDEC SS Demicards II


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What battle did the Persians lose that would ultimately shape the outcome of the war?
This was the cradle of Ionic-Greek culture
The leading Ionian city in Asia Minor was:
How does the prescence of writing help historians
they can see: organization, worldview, and meanings of actions
To what regional group did the Mittani belong?
Who threatened Sparta's control of the Peloponnese in 544 BC
With whom did Polycrates ally himself during the Persian invasion of Egypt?
Founder of modern Assyria
Ashur-uballit I
What happened at the battle of Megiddo?
Thutmose III defeated the Canaanite princes in 1468 BC
Under who did Samos reach its peak of naval military power and prosperity?
How far did Sumer expand its trading netwk
Iran, E Medit, Indus Valley
Which regions did Augustus have imperium over?
Syria, Gaul, Spain
The three ideals of Greek art:
harmony, proportion, serenity
Which territories fought against Sparta in the Corinthian war?
Corinth, Argos, Megara, Boeotia, Euboea, Athens
Why did Messenia enjoy prosperity during the Bronze Age?
rich resource base, hilly land for olives
Who helped the Messenians revolt in 650 BC
Arcadia and Argolis
Caesar's accomplishments
reformed calendar, elevated role of italians, increased # of senators, extended Roman citizenship
Which city-states immediately withdrew from the Athenian League after Thebes defeated Sparta?
Thebes, Chalcidice, Euboea, Acarnania
Accomplishments of the Arcadian League?
liberation of Messenia from Spata, building of Messene, founding of Megalopolis as federal capital, liberation of Thessaly from Jason of Pherae
Sidonians founded merchant colonies in what territories?
Hazor and Gaza, Memphis
What did the ancient Persians do for survival?
Hurrians acquired some traits of this cultural group
What did archeologists find in Lefkandi?
structure w/external collonades that supported a steep roof
How did Hammurabi gain control of Larsa and all its possessions
defeating Rimsin I in 1763 BC
How did Thutmose I become king?
strong military leader who married princes Ahmose
T/F: Sparta was willing to enter alliances w/athens for greater good of Greece
T/F: mainland greek states didn't thwart Persia's expansionist desires
18th dynasty expanded into this region
Near East
What event inspired the Etruscans to expand into the Po valley?
founding of the Greek colony at Massalia, which shut them out of commerical tin routes
Some Etrurian artifacts found in shipwrecks
Etruscan amphorae, Corinthian bronze helmets, wood and ivory pipes, copper ingots marked w/ Greek letters
Funeral goods give evidence of Villanovan contact with which settlements?
Tuscany and Sardinia
In what ways were Ur III's policies similar to Sargonic predecessors, and how were they different?
Same: temple building, deaughters as high priestesses
Diff: civil admin and control of production
Four social groups of Ionian tribes
phratriai, demos, thetes, slaves
What did Suppiluilumas do to secure Hittite's position in the region?
Sacked the Mittani capital at Washukanni
Who retrieved the stolen statue of Marduk?
Agum II Katrime
What was a praetor?
judicial officer that evolved into a general and commanded a province
What event was significant in making possible Persia's rise to empire?
sacking of the Assyrian capital by Cyaxares

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