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ACDEC SS Demicards I


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T/F: Jugurtha never posed a real threat to Rome.
What was the only tribe in the Middle East able to escape Tiglath-Pileser's control?
Arameans, nomadic Semetic tribe
The 13th dynasty saw several short/long reigns
When did the earliest settlements develop in Mesopotamia?
Uruk period
With the decline of Babylon, who rose to prominence?
The Hurrians and their successors, the Mittani
What were the 4 early phases in Upper Egyptian prehistory?
Badarian, Amratian, Gerzean, and Dynasty 0
Who excavated ancient Babylon prior to WWI?
Robert Koldewey
Periander brought the rebel colony of
Who was the Middle Assyrian Empire's strongest king?
Tiglath-Pileser I
He was the son of Esarhaddon and Naqi'a-Zakutu
What were some of Shulgi's achievements?
reorganized system of weights and measures, introduced new calendar, founded schools at Ur and Nippur
Who succeeded Cypselus
his son Periander
What action did the Phoenicians take to ensure their autonomy?
built walls around their cities
By 2200 BC pressures from what tribe left the Akkadian empire in internal disarray?
Gutian invaders
Who became one of the more famous local rulers afer the Akkadian Empire reverted to local control?
Gudea of Lagash
What was Gudea's reign noteworthy for?
building and furnishing of temples
The cultural renewal under Gudea is referred to as the ____ or ____
Neo-Sumerian Revival, Sumerian Renaissance
How did Ur-Nammu expand his control of Sumer and Akkad
diplomatic alliances
What was a harmosts?
commander who oversaw a Spartan garrison
What did Philip promise Greece at the Congress of Corinth?
Greece united, Ionia free from Persian oppression
What did the Megara Decree say?
prohibited Megaran trade in the empire
Platea was an ally of ___ in the 2nd Pelo War
Who were the "Thirty Tyrants?"
leaders of the oligarchic gvt claimed in Athens
Who joined Marius as consul after Sulla fled?
The Early Dynastic Period spanned what years?
2900-2370 BC
By 146 BC, what 6 provinces did Rome control?
Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Spain, Macedonia, Africa
What new alliance did the city-states that withdrew from the Athenian League form?
Arcadian League
What did the Licinio-Sextian Laws accomplish?
Let plebs be consul, gave plebs land ownership, debt relief
At what battle did Octavian defeat Antony and Cleopatra?
How did Ashur-uballit consolidate his power?
arr marriage between daughter and Kassite king of Babylon, then deposed K king, entered war with Mittanni to make a buffer state, correspondence with Amenhotep IV
Who came to the Persian throne after the death of Cyrus the Great?
Cambyses II
What were the 1st colonizing mother states?
Chalcis and Eretria, Corinth, Megara, Achaia
T/F: Assyria's 2nd phase of empire included the domination of Babylon
Which Spartan commander provoked a rebellion against the Athenians in Chios?
Who was the last Flavian emperor?
The Middle Kingdom lasted from ____ to ____ BC
2000, 1600
T/F: Canaan was good for farming.
Who did the Boeotians defeat in the Corinthian war?
This was a popular Assyrian location for royal residences
The old kingdom was in the 2000s/3000s BC
To which British archeologist do we owe our knowledge of Crete to?
Sir Arthur Evans

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