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Temperature, Pulse, Respirations, Disability
What is the normal blood pressure in an adult?
What should you do with clean linens that touch the floor?
Consider them dirty andplace it in the soiled linen hamper.
According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, what is the first need that must be met?
Biological and Physiological needs
What is the normal amount of respirations in an adult per minute?
14-20 breaths
What does "AED" stand for?
Automated External Defibrillator
What is q2h?
Every 2 hours
What should you do if your charge nurse tells you to change a resident's oxygen tank?
Explain to her that since oxygen is a prescribed product it is beyond your scope of care and that a member of the licensed nursing staff or a Dr. has to perform this task. If your charge nurse still asks you to perform this task after telling her this, please go to your ADON or the DON.
A patient is on pain medication and they complain of constipation, what should you do?
Report this to the charge nurse as this can be a serious side effect.
Position in which the patient is on an elevated and inclined plane, usually about 45°, with the head down and legs and feet over the edge of the table. It is used in abdominal operations to push abdominal organs towards the chest. This position is also
Trendelenburg's position
True or False, Burping a colostomy bag is a task that should only be done by a licensed nurse or a physician?
Where would you take the axillary temperature?
the armpit
True or False, you should announce yourself and explain your actions even if a patient is comatose.
A resident complains of pain even though you can tell that they are doing it for attention, what should you do?
ALWAYS assume that the patient is truly in pain, and report this to the charge nurse.
You walk in and find another CNA grabbing a resident's wrist and yelling at them. What do you do?
Take the resident out of danger immediately. Then without hesitation report this to your charge nurse. The administration is required by law to act on such occasions.
A resident's care plan states that they are a diabetic, yet you find that dietary has included sugar on their tray. What should you do?
Ask the resident to refrain from the sugar while you ask the charge nurse about it. Chances are if dietary has decided to give sugar, the Dr. has authorized it and the charge nurse is already aware.

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