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Vocabulary from Chapter 24 of Wheelock's Latin


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Carthago, Carthaginis
f., Carthage (a city in North Africa)
fabula, -ae
f., story, tale; play
imperator, imperatoris
m., general, commander-in-chief, emperor
imperium, -ii
n., power to command, supreme power, authority, command, control
perfugium, -ii
n., refuge, shelter
servus, -i
m., slave
serva, -ae
f., slave
solacium, -ii
n., comfort, relief
vulnus, vulneris
n., wound
re- or red-
prefix, again, back
conj. + indic., as, just as, when
adv., afterwards
accipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptum
to take (to one's self), receive, accept
excipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptum
to take out, except; take, receive, capture
recipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptum
to take back, regain, admit, receive
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsum
to strike, push, drive out, banish
expello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsum
to drive out, expel, banish
narro (1)
to tell, report, narrate
quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitum
to seek, look for, strive for; ask, inquire, inquire into
rideo, ridere, risi, risum
to laugh, laugh at

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