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Vocabulary from Chapter 26 of Wheelock's Latin


undefined, object
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cena, -ae
f., dinner
forum, -i
n., marketplace, forum
lex, legis
f., law, statute
limen, liminis
n., threshold
lux, lucis
f., light
mensa, -ae
f., table, dining, dish, course
mensa secunda
nox, noctis
f., night
somnus, -i
m., sleep
quidam, quaedam, quiddam (pron.) or quoddam (adj.)
indef. pron. and adj.; as pron., a certain one or thing, someone, something; as adj., a certain, some (gen. cuiusdam, dat. cuidam, etc.)
pudicus, -a, -um
modest, chaste
tristis, triste
sad, sorrowful; joyless, grim, severe
turpis, turpe
ugly, shameful, base, disgraceful
superbus, -a, -um
arrogant, overbearing, haughty, proud
urbanus, -a, -um
of the city, urban; urbane, elegant
prep. + abl., in front of, before (frequently as a prefix, sometimes intensifying)
adv. and conj. after comparatives, than; with superlatives, as... as possible
adv., only
invito (1)
to entertain, invite, summon

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