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Vocab. 5 2


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Omnipotent (adj.)

(omnipotence, the omnipotent)

Some dictators could be considered omnipotent rulers.
all-powerful, having unlimited power or influence
Arbitrary (adj.)


The omnipotent ruler passed arbitrary laws based on whim alone.
dictatorial or characterized by absolute power or authority; random or based on whim rather than rule or law
Vanquish (v.)

he may vanquish his fear of flying by finally getting on an airplane
conquer, overpower, defeat completely; gain mastery or control over (physically or emotionally)
Override (v.)


The omnipotent ruler used arbitrary laws to override the legal system.
to dominate, suppress, or prevail over; to disregard or annul
Constrain (v.)

(constraining, constraint)

The omnipotent ruler has the power to constrain people arbitrarily.
to force or compel; to restrain, confine or stifle
Provocation (n.)

(provocative, provoke, provoking)

Shouting imprecations at someone might be considered provocation.
something that irritates, incites, anger, or excites
Militate (v.)

The imprecations of the Cyclops militated Obysseus's homecoming.
to have weight or effect or to operate against or in favor of (usually against)

Embroil (v.)


After the accident, the two drivers became embroiled in a heated discussion
to involve in a quarrel, conflict, problem:thrown into confusion
Contrive (v.)

(Contrived, contrivance)

Odysseus contrived to defeat the Trojans through the use of the wooden horse.
to scheme or plan, invent or design; to manage to do (most often ideas-non material)
Conduce (v.)


Studying is certainly conducive to good grades.
to contribute toward, further, promote; lead toward a desirable result
Ingratiate (v.)

(ingratiating, ingratiation, ingrate)

The employee tried to ingratiate himself with his boss through compliments.
to bring oneself into another's favor or good graces- to attempt to get on the "good side"
Incantation (n.)


Abracadabra is perhaps the most famous incantation.
the use of magical words to cast a spell; magic
Conciliate (v.)

(conciliation, conciliator, conciliatory)

The owners attempted to conciliate the players by offering higher salaries.
to pacify or soothe the anger of; to win goodwill by friendly acts

(usually done by a person to a group of people)
Mollify (v.)

(mollification, mollifier, mollifying)

My anger was mollified when he agreed to pay for the damages.
to pacify, soothe, or soften; to reduce in intensity

(from person to person or within an individual)
Assuage (v.)

In the Land of the Dead, Odysseus assuaged the dead by offering a sacrifice.
to pacify, calm or satisfy; to make less severe
Sufferance (n.)

Turning the other cheek is an example of sufferance.
toleration or endurance
Succumb (v.)

Despite his tribulations, Odysseus did not succumb to despondency.
to yield or give way to a superior force; to die

(usually followed by TO)
Susceptible (adj.)


her parents worried about her since she was susceptible to peer pressure.
easily influenced or impressionable; subject to, prone to, or sensitive to

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