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Health Midterm Exam 2005


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Combines with waste and other substances to assist in their removal from the body
soluble fiber
needed for the thyroid gland to operate properly
a disease in which the body has either too few blood cells or too little hemoglobin`
cereal yogurt and whole wheat bread
good snack choices
different types of vegitarieans
Vegans, semi-vegetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians
absorbs water and helps to provide needed bulk to the diet
insoluble fiber
stands for Food and Drug Administration
preservatives, enriched foods, emulsifyers, and leavening agents are examples of
food additives
freshness dates, sell or pull dates, and expiration dates are examples of
product datin
provide both calories and good nutrition
combination foods
true or false, the body needs nutrients to work properly, which promote good nutrition
two types of carbohydrates
simple and complex
can often be misleading when reading labels
servinge sizes
on foods must be supported when reading labels
health claims
has 6 sections 5 of which are nutritious foods
the food guide pyramid
are a part of modern society
fast goods
contain the most concentrated form of energy
do to increased needs teenage mothers should gain ____ pounds to meet dietary needs
30-35 lbs
likely to give birth to a low birthweight baby and could harm herself
undernourished mother
hereditary physical activity lifestyle and environmental influences affect the
rate of aging
you should ____ before during and after excersizing
drink fluids
the condition in which the body does nt produce insulin or has too little insulin
diabetes mellitus
a condition in which the body has a low blood sugar level
when the entire body is affected by histamine
anaphylactic shock
internally forced by a physical sensation that tells you to eat food until you feel full
people ___% umder the recommended weight for their age and height are considered ___
10, underweight
one factor that determines your energy needs is your level of ___ other is ___
physical activity, basal metabolism
three body types
endomorph ectomorp mesomorph
when aperson't weight is __% over the recommended amount they are ____
10, overweight
should be formed for those with diabetes
meal patterns
have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing
food choices
when feeding an infant you should never ______
force foods
more likely to be caused from poor eating habits and lack of exercise then overeating
child obesity
_____ need more calories then adults
two types of digestion
mechanical and chemical
secrete saliva
salivary glands
connects your mouth with your stomach
first part of the small intestine
hard particles made of calcium salts, cholesterol, and pigments in the bile
detoxifies blood, excretes bile, and forms urea as an excretory organ
tube leading from the bladder to the outside of the body
can be caused by eating too much or too quickly
a way for the body to get something bad out of it's system
common symptoms of a variety of digestionm problems
nausea and vomiting
excess bile stored here
most chemical digestion and absorption of food occur here
small intestine
depends on heredity, your endocrine system, and how you care for your body
the way you grow
controls appetite, thirst, and rate of growth
endocrine system
major function is regulation of growth
pituitary gland
hormone released by the pituitary gland controls rate of growth
growth hormone
plays a central role in regulating the amount of energy the body uses
the endocrine system
produced by the pancrea control the rate at which glucose is moved from blood to cells
controls the rate of metabolism
essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland
needed for muscle contractions, proper functioning of nerves, and blood clotting
a hormone released when you are angry, frightened, excited, or under stress
symptoms of this include headaches digestive problems and susceptibility to illness
long periods of stress
regulate growth or activity
keeps the body at a constant temperature
the endocrine system
where some of the most dramatic periods of growth occur
during adolescence
a person't final height it largely determined by
___ often begin their growth spurts before ___
women, men
processes and stores information, and controls voluntary and involuntary movements
the nervous system
three kinds of neurons
sensory, motor, interneurons
carry a response from the interneurons to the muscles, glands, and organs
motor neurons
controls involuntary responses and has two subsystems
autonomic nervous system
a time when the body is actively restoring its energy and repairing itself
when some people have problems staying awake despite getting enough sleep
a condition in which breathing stops periodically during sleep
sleep apnea
when the muscles of the neck of scalp tighten
tension headache
a convulsion action caused by disorganized brain activity
an inflammation of the brain itself caused by a viral infection of the CNS
infects nerve cell sin the brainstem or spinal cord, causing paralysis and muscle weekness
a degenerative disorder that results froma brain injury during birth
cerebral palsy
a neuron's three parts:
cell body, axon, dendrites
a long structure that carries impulses away from the cell body to other neruons
detect changes in the environment
sensory neurons
made up of the autonomic and somatic subsystems
peripheral nervous system
largest part of the brain
carries messages between the CNS and the rest of the body
peripheral nervous system
intrest for soccer grew in the ___ as part of the trend toward fitness activities
each soccer team has how many players
what soccer games begin with
a kick-off
primary job is to back up the forwards
one team strategy used in soccer
spread out
states there must be 2 players nearer the goal
offside rule
cneter circle of standard fiel is __ yards in diameter
standart soccer game has _ halves __ mins each
2, 45
to avoid interceptions ____ should be used
short passes
defensive players must be outside the circle
at the start of game
football as it is played today is derived from
soccer and rugby
a touchdown is worth
6 points
after scoring a touchdown in F football a ______ is done at the __ yard line
2 point conversion, 10
first schools (4) to play a game of FB
princeton, yale, harvard, rutgers
highest level of football
a modification that can be safely played without pads
flag football
during our games we had to throw ___ for a ____
2 completions for a first down
when a team gets a first down how many more tries to do they get?
4 downs
first flag football rulebook published in
__ of the defensive team may intercept a pass
any member
one way to move the ball down the court
in basketball points are scored by making
free throws and field goals
a shot from anywhere on the court
field goal
a shot made from the foul line
a foul shot
at the beginning of a regulation BB game there are _ players on each team
the game of basketball is a
team sport
invented the game in winter of 1891
dr. james naismith
a soccer ball was tosed into a peach basket
at the start of basketball
the first official basketball game was played in
in ____ the ____ was introduced to decrease stalling
1932 mid-court
in ___ the ____ was introduced to speed the game up
1954, shot clock
in ___ the ___ line was introduced
1961, three point line
stands for progressive aerobic cardiovascular endurance run
measures aerobic capacity
students must ____ to progress to the next line
wait for the beep
if a student cannot reach the line they get ___ to get back on pace
one miss
indicate the end of a level and in increse in pace
double beeps
indicate the end of a lap
single beeps
contains 12 levels
the pacer
measure upper body strength
measure abdominal strength and endurance
measures flexibility
measures aerobic endurance
the mile
measures speed and agility
the shuttle run
help to increase upper body strength
a person's self concept can be improved through
physical fitness
two benefits of being physically fit
increased endurance and speed

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