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Latin Phrases


undefined, object
copy deck
mens sana incorpore sano
sound mind, sound body
tempis fugit
time flies
semper fidelis
always faithful
gnothi seuton
know thyself
non sequitur
a conclusion that does no follow the premises
cogito ergo sum
i think therefore i am
ab ovo
from the start
in medias res
in the middle of the action
deus ex machina
god from the machine
person who provides an artificial ending
ars gratia artis
art for art's sake
(MGM logo)
ars longa vita brevis
art is long, life is short
dum spiro spero
while i breathe i hope
cave ab homine unius libri
beware the man of one book
caveat emptor
buyer beware
carpe diem
seize the day
altius citius fortius
higher, faster, stronger
(olympic motto)
required; expected behavior
having to do with the theory of beauty
quid pro quo
equal exchange
status quo
et al.
and others
de jure
by law
de facto
in reality
tabula rasa
blank slate
(john locke)

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