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Order of microscope powers
A. Low power
B. High-dry
C. Oil immersion
What are the two things you do at low power in a diff?
1. Determine nonrandom cell distribution - a. fringe analysis
b. rouleaux/agglutination
c. platelet clumping
d. look for artifact

2. Select the best area for a diff
What occurs at the High-dry power in a diff?
WBC estimate.
How do you do a WBC estimate?
1. Area: RBC overlapping slightly
2. Average #WBCs in 5 fields.
3. Multiply x 2000 = WBC estimate
4. See if estimate agrees with real count.
What do you do after a WBC estimate?
switch to oil immersion for the 100-cell diff. but FIRST DO A STAIN AND SMEAR EVAL
what do you look for when evaluating


Stain: excessively blue, excessively pink, or precipitated stain.

smear: Water contamination, echinocytes everywhere, thickness/length of the smear.
What cells are not included in the 100 WBC count/id?
Smudge cells
Giant platelet forms
what do you do if you find a nRBC?
correct the WBC:

100 x WBC
--------- = Corrected WBC
100 + nRBC
what do you do when done with the 100 ID/count?
platelet estimate.

count and avg # platelets in 6 fields, multiply by 15
when should you repeat a diff?
when abnormal cells are seen
nRBC's are seen
immature cells
WBC < 2000/ul

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