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SECNAVINST 5210.11D outlines what information
This instruction outlines process for segregating & filing Navy/Marine Corps records for categorizing & subject classifying information.
What is required on all letters, messages, directives, forms & reports.
Can codes that are not approved be assigned
Only approved codes will be assigned, however, expansion of the system for filing purposes is authorized following normal maintenance procedures
We should File and Control IAW what INSTRUCTION
File Location & Control: assign personnel, perform periodic reviews, & determine records retention & disposal standards IAW SECNAVINST 5212.5C
What is included in File material
File Material:
1)Only include incoming document
2)Copy of outgoing correspondence & essential supporting documents
What should be used for File Maintenance.
File Maintenance: use fasteners rather than staples, clips or rubber bands
When do we close budget files
Closing Files: close budget & accounting files end of each fiscal year; others – stay current until an action ends or event occurs
What is a SSIC what does it consist of and stand for
Is a 4 or 5-digit number that stands for the subject of the document
SSIC is broken down in how many subjects.
System broken down into 13 major subjects
SSIC are broken down further into what subdivisions
Major subjects further broken down into primary, secondary, and tertiary subdivisions – primary are designated by last 3 digits of the code number
SSIC 5211
What is the primary subject # in this SSIC?
What is the secondary subject # in this SSIC?
What is the tertiary subject # in this SSIC?
primary - 200

secondary - 10

tertiary - 1
How do we assign SSIC
Assign SSIC that closely describes the subject
What do we use to subdivide in filing
Can subdivide using SNDL or 2 SSICs in filing
Military Personnel
Subjects relating solely to administration of military personnel
Subject Group
Operations & Readiness
Subjects relating to operational plans, fleet operations, training & readiness, warfare techniques, intelligence, and research & development
Subject Group
3000 – 3999
Subjects relating to general communication matters & systems & equipment
Subject Group
2000 – 2999
Subjects relating to logistical support, including procurement, supply control, property,
travel, maintenance, and construction
subject group
4000 – 4999
General Admin & Management
Subjects relating administration, organization, & management of the Department of the Navy, including general personnel matters
subject group
5000 – 5999
Medicine & Dentistry
Subjects relating to medical matters such as physical fitness, general medicine, preventive medicine, dentistry, and equipment & supplies
subject group
6000 – 6999
Financial Management
Subjects relating to financial administration of the Department of the Navy
subject group
7000 – 7999
Ordnance Material
Subjects relating to types of ordnance material & weapons, including ammunition and explosives, fire control & optics, & combat vehicles
subject group
8000 – 8999
Ships Design & Material
Subjects relating to design & characteristics of ships, & material & equipment
subject group
9000 – 9999
General Material
Subjects relating to general categories of material not included in specialized material groups including photographic, audiovisual, television, & video equipment
subject group
10000 – 10999
Facilities & Activities Ashore
Subjects relating to ashore structures & facilities, transportation, utilities & services
subject group
11000 – 11999
Civilian Personnel
Subjects relating solely to administration of civilian personnel (ie. Military personnel under 1000 series, general personnel subjects included under 5000 series)
subject group
12000 – 12999
Aeronautical/Astronautical Material
Subjects relating to aeronautical & astronautical material, including parts, accessories, & instruments, types of aircraft & vehicles
subject group
13000 – 13999
Coast Guard Missions
Subjects relating solely to administration and mission of the Coast Guard
subject group
16000 – 16999
What are some Guidelines for Requesting Changes
Guidelines for Requesting Changes
- Submitted to Director, Naval Data Automation Command, Code 81
- Subjects that have relevance to a large segment of the Navy

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