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Chapter 32 2


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custodia, ae
custody, protection
custodiae, -arum
exercitus, us
m army
paupertas, paupertatis
f poverty, humble circumstances
dives, divitis or ditis
par, paris
equal, like + dative
pauper, pauperis
or small means, poor
dummodo + subj
provided that, so long as
malo, malle, malui
to want more, prefer, want instead
nolo, nolle, nolui
to no...wish, be unwilling
pateo, patere, patui
to be open, lie open, be accessible, be evident
praebeo, -bere, -bei, -bitum
to offer, provide
promitto, promittere, promisi, promissum
to set forth, promise
volo, velle, volui
to wish, want, to be willing, will

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