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Chemistry Chapter 6 vocab


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any atoms or group of atoms with a negative charge
Binary compound
a compound of two elements; NaCl and Al2O3 are binary compounds
any atom or group of atoms with a positive charge
chemical formula
shows the number and type of atoms present in the smallest representative unit of a substance; the chemical formula of ammonia,with one nitrogen and 3 hydrogens, is NH3
Formula Unit
the lowest whole number ratio of ions in an ionic compound; in magnesium chloride the ratio of magnesium ions to chloride ions is1:2 and the formula unit is Mg Cl2
an atom of group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge;cations are ions with a positive charge, and anions are ions with a negative charge
ionic compound
a compound composed of positive and negative ions
Law of Definite Proportions
in any sample of a chemical compound, the elements are always combined in the same proportions by mass
Law of Multiple Proportions
whenever two elements form more than one compound, the different masses of one element that combine with the same mass of the other element are in the ratio of small whole numbers
Molecular Compound
a compound that is composed of molecules
Molecular Formula
a chemical formula that shows the actual number and kinds of atoms present in a molecule of a compound
a neutral chemically bonded group of atoms that act as a unit
Monatomic Ion
a single atom with a positive or negative charge as a result of losing or gaining Valence electrons
Polyatomic Ion
a tightly bound group of atoms that behaves as a unit and carries a charge
Ternary Compound
a compound containing atoms of three different elements, usually containing at least one polyatomic ion; Na2CO3 and Mg(OH)2are ternary ionic compounds

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