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Leadership, Discipline, and Personal Relations


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What is the definition of Leadership?
Defined as the art of causing people to do what is required to accomplish a task or mission
Are good leaders only concerned with getting a job done
Good leaders are concerned with more than simply getting a job done. How the job gets done is also important.
What are the two characteristics characterize leadership
Responsibility and authority characterize leadership
Where does a leaders authority come from?
What are some basic principles to be a good leader
-Reverse roles
-Take responsibility
-Set the example
-Praise in public; correct in private
-Be consistent but not inflexible
-Know your job
-Do not micromanage
-Practice good follower ship
-Don’t be one of the gang
-Keep your subordinates informed
Responsibility and Authority which should come first to be a good leader
Always keep the responsibility foremost in your mind and the authority secondary, and you will be a good leader.
What does Discipline mean in Latin
To Teach
The Navy has several written standards, or codes, which help in the establishment and maintenance of discipline.What are some?
The Sailor’s Creed (Honor, courage, and commitment)
The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
Code of Conduct
UCMJ stands for
Uniform Code of Military Justice
The UCMJ consists of how many articles.
146 articles
What articles of the UCMJ are the punitive articles
77-134 are called the “punitive articles
What is article 134 called. And what does it do
Article 134 is called the “general article” and gives the government authority to prosecute for crimes not specifically covered in the other punitive articles.
What article of the UCMJ deals with unauthorized absence
Article 86
What are the abbreviations for the Police of the Different braches of the Armed Forces
SP – Shore Patrol
MPs – Military Police for the Army
APs – Air Police for the Air Force
AFPD – Armed forces police detachment (All services)
Who are the Police on the ship
MAAs and Police Petty Officers
Masters-at-arms similar duties as police, used onboard ship or duty station, appointed by the executive officer. They are relieved of most of their normal watches and duties.
Police petty officers usually remain with their divisions for work and watches, but they have been assigned additional duties that contribute to good order and discipline
What is another name for NJP
Captains Mast
What is Nonjudicial Punishment - who would handle this
A hearing in which the CO would handle a relatively minor offense rather than send it to a court. Because these proceedings are nonjudicial, the offender may be punished but will not have a criminal record.
What are some punishments the CO may award at NJP
Punishments the CO may award:
Restriction of not more than 60 days
Extra duties for not more than 45 days
Reduction in grade (for E-6 and below)
Correctional custody for not more than 30 days (for E-3 and below); or
Forfeiture of not more than half a month’s pay per month for two months
What Rights do the Accused Have in a Captains Mast
To be present before the officer conducting the mast
To be advised of the charges
Not to be compelled to make any statement
To be present during testimony of witnesses or the receipt of written statements;
To question witnesses or to have questions posed to witnesses
To have available for inspection all physical and documentary evidence;
To present evidence in the accused’s own behalf;
To be accompanied by a personal representative who may or may not be a lawyer and whose presence is arranged for by the accused;
To appeal the imposition of punishment to higher authority; and If assigned to a shore activity, to refuse captain’s mast and demand trial by court-martial instead.
What are some other Masts
- Meritorious mast
- Request mast
What are the three types of Court-Marial
summary, special, and general
What is a Summary Court-Martial who would be in it
SUMMARY COURT-MARTIAL – Offense minor. One officer serves as the judge, jury, prosecution, and defense counsel
What punishments may be imposed at a Summary Court-Martial
Confinement at hard labor of up to one month (E-4 and below)
Hard labor without confinement for 45 days (E-4 and below)
Restriction to specified limits for a total of 60 days
Loss of two-thirds of one month’s pay; or
Reduction in grade (E-5 and above may be reduced only one grade, while E-4 and below may be reduced to the lowest enlisted paygrade)
What is a Special Court-Martial. Who would participate in it
SPECIAL COURT-MARTIAL - Offense moderate to severe, or if the accused has refused trial by summary court-martial. Military Judge is assigned by the convening authority and a three-member jury is appointed
In a Special Court-Martial the Court may impose what punishments
A bad-conduct discharge
Six-month imprisonment
Forfeiture of two-thirds pay per month for six months or
Reduction to the lowest enlisted paygrade.
Define the Seriousness of a General Court Martial. Who would participate in it.
Serious charges. Military judge, five or more members who serve as the jury, and military defense and prosecution attorneys.
What charges may the court impose at a General Court Martial
- Death penalty
- Life imprisonment
What articles are the Code of Conduct, how many are their
There are six articles of the Code of Conduct
What is the definition of Sexual Harassment
Defined as making unwelcome advances toward another person. This can be sexually oriented communications, comments, gestures, or physical contact
Where are the guidlines found. What examples explain the wide rage of behavior of sexual harassment.
SECNAVINST 5300.26 – Uses the three colors of a traffic light to explain the wide range of behavior of sexual harassment.
What are your Responsibities, if you think you are being Harassed
Tell the harasser to stop
Talk with coworkers
Keep a written record of what has been occurring
Report the harassment up the chain of command
File a formal grievance
What is Fraternization
Personal relationships that violate the customary bounds of acceptable senior-subordinate relationships
What is the policy on Homosexuality
Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell – Don’t Harass
Is Hazing ever acceptable
Navy has no tolerance for behaviors that are demeaning, humiliating, abusive, oppressive, or cruel to others.
Do not do anything to someone else that you would not want done to you
If you have any doubt, don’t do it
What are some Standards of Conduct that you should always have exspecially overseas
Always be aware that you are a representative of the Navy and your nation
Always assume that someone is watching.
Never do anything you would not want to read about in the newspaper or that you would not want to have to explain to your commanding officer or the people who raised you

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