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Vistazos culturales


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When do the spanish eat snacks?
Los espanoles tienen la costumbre de merendar a las 5 o 6 de la tarde.
name of snacks:
las tapas
typical snacks of spanish:
las gambas, los champinones al ajillo (mushrooms in garlic), el jamon serrano, and tortillas.
The custom of snacking on las tapas
La costumbre de merendar en las tapas.
The origen of las tapas:
Alfonso X in the Middle Ages, in Spain.
Some Las Tapas:
las tortillas
los moriscos
jamon serrano
when do they eat las tapas
around 5 or 6
The type of food in Puerto Rico is called:
CRIOLLA (creole)

because it has Caribena, Europena, indigena, and africana influences.
tradicional plate in SPAIN:
La Paella
What is la paella?
a traditional spanish plate from Valencia.
a mix of arroz, azafran, and arvejas. Also has mariscoes or carnes.
Characteristic food/ingredients in Mexican cooking:
el CHILE. ingredients include el aguacate (avacado) jitomate and maiz.
traditional plate in mexico:
chiles rellenos
Some less tradicional foods special in MEXICO:
-chapulines fritos - fried grasshoppers, in Oaxaca.
-armadillo, in Chiapas.
-iguana, in Guerrero.
-beetle salsa - jumiles, in Taxco.
less tradicional food in Peru:
guinea pigs - they eat their pets
guinea pig
less tradicional thing they eat in colombia:
hormigas culonas

in the province of Santander

fat bottomed ants
the main foods in the mediterranean diet;
legumes, vegetables, fruits, olive oil, margarine, pastas, rice, fish, shellfish, pepper, etc.
what places eat the mediterranean diet?
espana, italia, grecia, francia, and portugal.
How has the spanish language influenced English?
added 10000 wors.
what rancher words did we get from spanish ranchers?
Hoosegow, lasso, renegade, rodeo, and vamoose.
4 indigenous countries that gave us words but passed by way of Spanish:
where did we get
tomate, coyote, and chocolate?
where did we get jaguar?
where did we get puma and potato?
where did we get hurricane tobacco and hammock?
where did the character of don juan originate?
first play that had him in it:
spain, in seville.

Ruben Dario is from..
jose marti is from
juan ramon juiminez is known for..
influenced by..
got the nobel prize for literature in 1956; influenced by ruben dario.
where is juan ramon juiminez from?
jose marti wrote:
cultivo una rosa blanca.

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