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I eat yogurt and apples at any hour of the day.
Como yogur y manzanas a cualquier hora del dia.
I love oatmeal!
Me encantan la avena!
I don't like fish.
No me agradar los pescados.
When I am hungry, I am pleased by popcorn and apples.
Cuando tengo hambre, a mi me gustan los palomitos y manzanas.
All the indirect pronouns:
me nos
te os
le les
le les
French wines are not pleasing to the professor.
Al profesor, no le agradan los vinos francesas.
I put salt on french fries.
Les pongo sal a las papas fritas.
That doesn't please me.

No me agrada eso.
It doesn't appeal to me
No me apetece
That agrees with me.
Me cae bien eso.
The steak delights me.
Me encantan el bistec.
One shouldn't speak spanish here.

Spanish is spoken here.

What's the difference?
No se debe hablar espanol aqui.

Se habla espanol aqui.

The first sentence is impersonal se; verb always singular, no particular subject.

The 2nd sentence is passive se; something that IS DONE. Verb is sing or plural depending on what object is.
One gets up late.

One sleeps in class.
Uno se levanta tarde.

Uno dormirse en la clase.
I drink
You drink
He/she drinks


I slept
You slept
He/she slept

We slept
They slept
They slept




I drank
You drank
He/she drank

We drank
They drank

This fish is fresh and salty
Esta pescado esta' fresco y salada.
___ indicates SOURCE

___ indicates destination/recipient.

I'm going to make a cocktail for Maria.

I'm working for my family
voy a prepara un coctel PARA maria.

trabajo POR mi familia.
le bebida nacional de Mexico:
It was called mexcalli before tequila.
Mexcalli se llama antes el tequila.
The production of tequila was prohibited, but now is legal.
La produccion de tequila se prohibio', pero hoy es legal.
Jerez is a type of special wine that is drinken before eating.
El jerez es un tipo de vino especial que se toma antes de comer.
Jerez originated in the Southeast of Spain in a region that is called Jerez.
El jerez se origino' en el suroeste de Espana, en una region que se llama Jerez.
"Mate" is an herbal tea. It is typical in Argentina and Uraguay.
El mate es un te' herbal. Es tipico en la Argentina y el Uraguay.
Pisco is a type of brandy made from the grape moscatel.
El pisco es un tipo de brandy fabricado de la uva moscatel.
Pisco is typical in Peru and Chile.
El pisco es tipico en el Peru' y en Chile. Es una liquor fuerte.
Rum is a hard liquor typical in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Carribean countries in general. The base of rum is the cain of sugar.
El ron es un liquor fuerte tipico en Cuba, Puerto Rico, y en los paises caribenos en general. La base del ron es la cana de azucar.
-made of
-place - CHILE and PERU
-un tipo de brandy made from GRAPES
-produced in Peru in Pisco
-produced in Chile in el Valle del Rio Elqui
What is el pisco?
un liquor fuerte fabricado de las uvas. associado con Peru y Chile.
-what is it
-made of
Un mate is un tipo de herbal te', associado con la Argentina y el Uraguay.
What is Tequila?
-made of
-le bebida nacional de mexico.
-se llama mexcalli antes tequila.
-la producione de tequila se prohibe durante la corona de espana, pero ahora es legal.
What is Ron?
-made of
Popular in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Caribbean.

Made of sugar cane.
el Jerez es un vino, produccio en la region suroeste de espana se llama Jerez.

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